What if the answer is yes, even if the statement (thought) is not really what you wanted.

As you come to know that you are a powerful creator and that the law of attraction is always turned on - attracting like unto itself - you start to see how the answer to every thought and question is yes. A fleeting thought is a lite yes; while a powerful emotion-filled, thunk-over-a-long-time-thought is a strong yes. But either way the response is yes.

When I was younger, I was taught to pray and that “God” would answer my prayers - usually with a yes or no or later. But it seemed to me that most of my prayers went unanswered (meaning I did not get what I was praying for) so over time, I came to believe the answer was no. And there is a Bible verse that says - “Before you have asked I have already answered” - so I concluded the answer must always be no.

As I have been on my prosperity path, I have come to learn that the answer is not no! In fact it is YES; yes to whatever you think (create); yes to what ever you want (create); yes is the answer. Before you have asked I have already answered, means the fulfillment of your desires is already in the infinite field of possibility - ask and the answer is yes. Believe and the answer is yahoo-yes. “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened for you, seek and you shall find”...this is good stuff.

So the play here is not to wonder what the answer is! The play here is to get the question or the statement aligned so you get a yes!

Don’t waste your time wondering if your prayer of a new relationship is coming...know the answer is yes.
Don’t waste your creative energies wondering if you will get a new job - the answer is yes!

Use your creative energies - consciously - by getting better and better at stating what you do want. And get more conscious of what you are thinking and then “tweak” it so the thought aligns with the answer which is always - yes.

For example:

  1. I have a hard time meditating: TWEAK to “I am getting better and better at this meditation thing.”

  2. I am not very good at public speaking: TWEAK to “I find ways to express myself that best match me”

  3. It is going to be a long time before I get a new job: TWEAK to “I am available now for my new employment”

  4. It is hard to loose weight: TWEAK to “I am finding the approaches that work for me”

  5. Money is hard to come by in these times: TWEAK to “Money is always flowing, and I can see some more flowing my way!”

This is a powerful, powerful piece of information, that I hope you really give some energy to. Because, if the answer is always yes - which it is - then you get to decide how you are going to frame the question/statement....You are powerful, you create, you make it happen, so make it happen the way you want it to. And the more momentum you build, the more fun you will have. YES!

Live, long and prosper! YES!