Aliving: living life with zest and the joy of being alive

I know the title of this post is weird - and no I did not misspell alive or living. I combined the words because I am wanting to remind myself that there is something more to being alive than living...there is something more than just existing or our to-do list. And it is active - it is Alive-ing: living life with a vivaciousness and pure joy of living this moment with gusto.

I have been thinking about this for some months now. It started over the summer when I spent a weekend at the lake with my friends almost-adult kids. I just marveled at their aliveness. They danced and sang karaoke, they played games and just enjoyed being in the moment and being in their bodies. They were aliving. They were enjoying living and they were so was contagious. It felt like a vibration, a zest for enjoying the doing in the moment.

 Aliving is active, where living can just be a passing of time. Alive means you have a pulse but are you enjoying your days. Aliving is more intentional. Aliving is being conscious about how you are living. Do you feel alive? Do you feel zesty and filled with gusto?

If not, put on some fun, zipidy-do-da, this makes-me-want-to-dance music and jump around. Move your body and feel alive as you do. There is so much prosperity that is flowing around you and through you - and aliving - the active choice to feel your aliveness will allow your prosperity to flow through you.

Enjoy being alive, enjoy your life - this is prosperity in action as it flows through you.




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