ALREADY (part 2) Already Here, Already have

In a past blog I noted how we are Already Whole and that which we seek.

 Now, in this second post of Already, I want to explore Already Here, Already Have…What if that which you seek is already here, that which you feel you are striving to create you already have and is done?

 Alert…This post is going to be kind of out there…

And - it will be very helpful as we come into the new year as we set our intentions for what we want to create and experience.

The idea of already here is very hard for us humans to comprehend. Because when we look at our bank account or a desire, we don’t see what we want to see and then think – I don’t have it. This makes perfect “human” sense.

Quantum Physics Shows Us there are Parallel Realities

However, quantum physics shows us that “time” gives us the illusion of things happening sequentially, one thing after another. So, from a “human” perspective it is “not already here”. But when we rise up to “our Unlimited-Self” perspective - it is all happening in the ever-present NOW. All options are already in the infinite field of possibilities.

Joe Dispenza says before we go into meditation – see you on the other side…meaning see you in the new reality. When you meditate you raise your vibration and you allow yourself to align to a new parallel reality – a different energy plane aligned to your intentions and desires.

When you launch a desire, it is a thought and energy nugget (quanta) that is a thing connecting you to a parallel plane where this is a reality!

And the more thoughts and feelings you put at something the more quanta it has. AND this is the crazy part – there are parallel realities where you are already experiencing your desires and living them. There are gozillions upon gozillions of parallel realities!

 Picture it like this: we “humans” think we are sequential, but we “Unlimiteds” have the power to parallel and jump realities…people do it all the time in meditation or what some would call déjà vu, from the French, meaning "already seen”.

The reason I bring this up is that – your desires ALREADY exist in a parallel reality and are already in the now, in a concurrent parallel reality.

You are choosing what “reality” you are living based on your repeated thoughts and beliefs. More specifically, what you choose to think about and believe and feel is true – which aligns you with that parallel - already here - reality.

There is a quote in the bible: “Before you ask, I have already answered” (that is a parallel reality message).


That which I seek is already here and I already have. This notion seems impossible, but knowing “all is already here” right now is a kind of super power. The feeling and knowing that which we seek is already in the unlimited realm of all-that-is and in the energy of it is already here.

The next part of using your super power is to bring it into being with feelizing (feel and visualize) it is done, see it done, live it as done, speak of it as done…live in the new/other parallel reality…this is where vision boards and manifestation processes are helpful. They can put you in the felt-sense of already done, already here, living it.

So instead of

  • I am going to write a book next year (desire) UPGRADE TO: My book is a huge success. (done). Then feelize what life feels like in that parallel reality of a hugely successful book.
  • Someday I am going to have a million dollars (desire). UPGRADE TO: I love having millions of dollars (done). Then feelize – feel and visualize what life feels like having millions – what do you do? Where to you go? How do you feel? Pretty fun right – and this puts you in the parallel reality and energizes it into your physical reality. (I said this post was going to be out thereJ

You are a Power Creator and this is a part of your creating super powers – putting your attention, energy and focus to feelize the parallel reality you choose to move into.

(Note: most who do vision boards do not understand their power in the process. They think they are asking for something. And the feeling-belief behind the ask is - at best hope, but usually improbability. Now we know that when you do a visioning board –you can activate your superpower and put yourself in that parallel reality and live it.)

  • Seek and you shall find, knock and the door is opened.
  • Every option is already in the field, just look.

Allow yourself to step into it. 

There is a version of you already experiencing what you desire, so shift your vibration and see it. It is already here, it is already created, allow yourself to step into it. Allow your consciousness to shift to the already here and already happening state of being and bask there for a bit.

It is also helpful to add the feeling energy/statement that it will be this or even better. Get out in front of it – know it is done.

Note: There is an unfoldment process because we do live on earth where time exists. So the happening might take some time. However, the knowing of ALREADY HERE helps bring about your desires.

“Every person has within them a gold nugget, it is their consciousness of gold and opulence, which bring riches into their life. In making their demands (prayer), each begins with the journey’s end, that is, we declare we have already received.”
– Florence Scovel Shinn in The Game Of Life and How to Live it


Love that word opulence…

The Power of Thank you Note

A great tool is to write a thank you note for already receiving that reality which you are jumping into. You know what it feels like to write a genuine thank you note for something you received – right?

 So, as you think and feel into what you would like to experience and create next year – write your thank you note to the Wealth-Unlimited-Wealth (WUW) for all you experienced in 2023. Write the thank you note as if it is December 31, 2023 and play with the appreciation, contentment and joy of already here, already done, already received.

Take a moment now, and write a thank you note for the reality you want to experience, as if you are experiencing it. For example, I have a friend who has wanted a getaway home for years - years. Here is a thank you note for it.

Dear WUW,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful getaway home we purchased this year. It is a lovely place with plenty of room to gather and lots of fun things to do… and so affordable and easy to maintain! The whole experience knocked-our-socks-off in a magical way!

We have had so many wonderful dinners and laughs with family and friends. I am just so grateful for the blessings to us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing home-away-from-home and extended family we get to enjoy! We feel so abundant and at peace. I am so excited this experience is in our lives.

Thank you, WUW for the UCL (Unconditional Love).

Now you! Give it a try – it is December 31, 2023 – get your most favorite pen and lovely paper and write your note. Let the love and appreciation flow. Then put it in a nice envelop and put it aside – knowing it is done and the parallel reality is already here.


Namaste, the prosperity already here in me sees the prosperity already here in you, as you.

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