Always Be Blessing

The other day at work - when I was walking through our warehouse - and this idea popped into my mind...always be blessing!

I love this! And have been playing with it a lot! I even wrote it on the refrigerator at work...(no one has said anything yet :) 

It has its roots in the truth that we are all creators...and as such, we can shower our blessing on anything and everything. I can bless my co-workers, and the mess in the warehouse. I can bless the boxes and the machines. I can have the intent to be blessing and then find many things to bless.

To me blessing is synonymous with sending something and/or someone your highest and best thoughts...seeing it/them not as something that needs to be fixed or dealt with but with loving appreciation. Always be blessing, is an open hearted approach to life as much as it is a pro-active approach to creating your energy-field vibration. 

One of my teachers says she just drives around in her car and blesses mailboxes and cars, trees and flowers, dogs and people, squirrels and houses. It is a way for her to flow her love to everything. I really felt this as fun way to interact with life.

And how many of us pray for a blessing? How many of us would love to be blessed and feel blessed. With the always be blessing approach to life - you are the blessing! 

I keep hearing in my mind, you dear reader are THE blessing and you are A blessing. You are a blessing to all you meet, just by the wonderful fact you are thank you!

 So today as you meander through your day or scramble through your day, play with "always be blessing" - being the source of the blessings and maybe even allowing yourself to receive the blessings. Because in daily life there is constant showering of blessings (seen & unseen) in so many abundant ways. 

Enjoy blessing...

Remember prosperity is yours always and in all ways! 



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