Be a part of the SOUL-UTION

THIS IS IT!...This is the time our souls have been preparing for! We are here at a choice point about creating heaven on earth! I know this sounds kind of crazy to talk of creating heaven on earth when we are in the middle of a pandemic. But everyone is connected and paying attention collectively.

We, the human family, are ready to make a big leap in one of the most important and monumental times in our human history. And we can be a part of the soul-ution!

What do I mean by soul-ution. A time when we choose love over fear, connection over isolation, peace over worry, and power over smallness.

And here are 8 things to keep in mind as you become part of the SOUL-UTION:

  1. Know all is well and all will be well. Wellbeing is at the essence of our soul life and it is meant to be a part of our earth life as well. Being part of the soul-lution is knowing all is well and all will be well. This too shall pass and we can have a hand in how it passes, when it passes and how we will come out on the other side...consciously and fully connected to our soul-self!

2. Know life has your back. All of life is working with you to support your every desire and intention. Even in tough times - your desires and creations are in play - in fact are turbo charged - because life has your back and all is well and all will be well. So you can relax, you can let some peace in, there is no separation from your wealth and health flow. Your soul knows this, remember and be a part of the soul-ution.

3. Love and honor yourself. So many of us think we are insignificant and small, not worthy of health (or wealth) and this makes us feel isolated and unworthy of the self-love and self care that feeds us (and our souls). So in these times and in all times, love and honor yourself. Eat well, sleep well, listen to happy music, meditate, do yoga, spend time in nature. enjoy the quiet times and let your soul inspire you, watch uplifting movies, turn-off the news, enjoy your family time, enjoy your alone time, enjoy connecting to others (remotely). Reacquaint yourself with the things that feed your soul. This is an important part of being the soul-ution.

4. Remember your power - You are a powerful creator! Your soul came here to create! That is the key reason you have incarnated to create, create, create in a tangible 3D world! You can create anything and everything. This is your super-power and as you remember this you can create health, healing and yes heaven on it time! Be part of the soul-ution and create what you want! don't focus on what you don't by listening to the news. If you do say I don't want this make sure to focus on what you do want! Hocus, pocus, FOCUS! Powerful creators FOCUS on what they WANT to create with discipline- this is being part of the soul-ution.

5. The law of attraction is your great creating tool. The law of attraction is your creating tool...and it operates as objectively as gravity. You are a powerful creator! So use the law of attraction with clarity, purpose and mindfulness. Attract peace, clarity, health, grace. Using the law of attraction consciously is very soul-ution oriented.

 6. You are always connected to your UNLIMITED HEALTH/WEALTH Source. Your soul, and therefore you, is a part of the ever-present source LOVE energy. You are cosmic love dust solidified into human skin. But this does not change the fact that you are love energy and connected in every way to the love source. Spend time everyday in this love connection (this is the power of meditation) and let this love source fill you with the magnificence of Who You Really Are and you ARE the SOULUTION!

7. You are eternal. This means your life is in constant flow. You were alive before you came, you come to earth for a bit and live, and then you move on to more aliving. Life is a constant eternal flow of love in action. Your life is a constant flow of love in action - SOUL.

8. Radiate Love -  I heard that people have been singing the Beatles song - all you need is love! This is GREAT! And remember All you are is Love, all you can be is love, and all there is is love. The most powerful thing you can do now is Radiate love - be love, love loving. Enjoy loving! When you know love is the only energy and you experience it - even when thinking about Covid-19 and all the things associated with this experience. That is you making a HUGE contribution to the Soul-lution.

So here are 8 things you can do to be a part of the Soul-ution!

8 is a power number, a number of manifestation. Be the power creator you are and help create a new earth from the opportunity that this unifying event is presenting us. And we will know, we were part of the Soul-ution.

Live long and know you are prospering - so why not make it HEAVEN on EARTH



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