Bubbling...go Into Your Blessing Bubble

I have a very weird story to tell you...so settle in please - because it involves a cruise ship, fear of corona ("C" going forward) and the power of a bubbling.

I am on a cruise ship as I write this blog and "C" has just been deemed a pandemic - crazy stuff - and to be honest I was very leary of coming on this cruise to the Caribbean. But I was going on an "Abraham Cruise" with my fellow "Abers" who I felt would not give into the fear of corona on this ship.

We have had our share of scares here on the boat. The first night on the ship there were 2 medical emergencies - that we had to return to Miami for (400 nautical miles into the trip). This scared me a lot and I was quite worried...so much so I could not sleep at all that night. In the morning we found it was not "C" related and we would head out to Aruba  as soon as possible.

The next day, we were well on our way to Aruba hoping we could make the port - only to be told durning dinner that we had to head back to Miami for another medical emergency!!! WHAT!!!! No way! Now I am really freaking out.

Well we found out this too was not "C" related and again we were headed out for our cruise. Two days into the cruise and we were nowhere near our cruising vacation.

So after a couple of days of relaxing - things started to settle down...and we started to enjoy the vacation. Really being in what felt like was a BOAT BUBBLE. All of us on the boat are in a kind s bubble that is quite beautiful. There is really no talk of the "C" except in passing - like oh man how lucky are we to be here now. Lucky to be on a cruise ship - LOL!

People are enjoying the sun and the community of the ship.

And we have been going to our Abraham seminars and really deciding not to talk about "C". And in this has been a very powerful experience in that we can decide to go in a bubble of sorts and feel the love and joy of living OUR life independent of the good opinion of other people (as Henry Maslow would say).

As I was writing this, a couple of people next to me were saying, "Just because it is going on out there, does not mean it has to affect us." RIGHT - they are putting a bubble around themselves as a sort of insulation from outside influence.

And this is what has been clearly shared with Abraham this cruise - this is a world of ATTRACTION - you are attracting - and anything you put your attention, energy and focus on will come into your reality. That is the law of attraction in action. So no speaking, thinking or agreeing to what others are thinking, or seeing or agreeing to is quite prudent..unless you agree also (and thus attract to you).

My suite mate, Alicia and I, are now calling it BUBBLING! Bubbling is the act of putting a loving bubble around you, with the intent to have live in a bubble of loving blessing and only all things good. You are Bubbling when you decide to live in your joy and you decide how you are going to feel about things in your life - independent of the good opinion of other people, or the news or your aunt or your kids, or ....

So now is the time to start developing your BUBBLING muscle. Lovingly put yourself inside a bubble of blessing, love and unconditional vitality. Feel the power of the Bubble as you are protected from what you don't want while be supported for what you do. Just remember - only put in your bubble good stuff. Pink light, ease, grace, protection, clarity, peace, vitality, and all things wonderful.

Bubbling is a great way to bounce right along in life now being affected by "C" and all the drama thereof.

Live long and know you are prospering. - Know you are prospering what you put and agree is in your bubble.


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