Crisis = Expansion

After meditation today I clearly heard CRISIS = EXPANSION.

And you know that feels true. In these covid times of is a time of intense difficulty and danger. And there will be expansion on the other side. Which is odd because right now this crisis seems to be creating contraction. Fear makes us constract - and then we say - wait a minute I want to LIVE and we expand!

Covid is a crisis to so much of our daily lives, and it is rocking the foundations of our world. There is a huge shake up going on that is undeniable (even though there are people at Menards and grocery stores still not wearing masks) Come-on-people!

And it is in these times that we take stock of our lives, what matters and what does not. And in these moments, these quite aha moments, we are expanding...and preparing for change.


In crisis, we separate what matters from what does not. We look at our lives and might see some things we want to change, keep or eliminate.

Change - like making more meals at home. Not rushing so much. Appreciating everyone more. EVERYONE - thank you mail person, store clerk, garbage person, contractor, mechanic, plumber (who came to rod the pipe) husband who has made dinner most nights:)

Keep - walking in nature, enjoying the daffodils, slowing down and meditating. Enjoying the green of the grass, lingering longer doing nothing.

Eliminate - shoulding, musting, having too. Guilting myself. Boredom shopping.

And in this time of crisis, things will change. They are, they will, they must. Once again (just like after 911) ...we will not be going back to normal - because the old normal is gone. And we are going to be creating a new normal.

This new normal will be an expansion. 

And expansion is prosperity in action. We will be expanding, prospering something new and untried to this point. and a global scale - we are creating a new normal. And expanded way of being.

Now is the time to start investing in what you wish for that new normal to be.


And I will start...with:



1. appreciation for all of life - behaving as if the god in all life matters 2. slowing things down so we can appreciate more, 3. transparency in that we are all in this together, 4. knowing we are all beings of light and love at our core...5. comfort radiating love and comfort being in our hearts.



Expansion is coming, your expansion is coming - allow yourself the gift of a new normal. HUM...what do you want to change? What do you want to keep? What do you want to eliminate? What do you want to expand?

Live long and know you are always prospering - always and in all ways.


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