Effortless Focus - Knowing it is Done

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The other day I was walking around our local pond and watched as a group of sparrows were fending off a hawk. The hawk just soared around being somewhat bothered by the sparrows and seeming to be moving along. This went on for some time – in fact, several of the sparrows gave up in exhaustion, save but one – who kept at it. I was so amazed at the focus and the stamina of this little sparrow (A David and Goliath moment for sure). And then the hawk stopped mid air and dove some 50 feet straight down into the water and caught a fish. Just like that – bam – it seemed he was just biding his time with the sparrows until the fish (his real intended) appeared and the hawk made its move, and again I was amazed at the focus but this time I was also amazed at the ease with which the hawk accomplished his task – gliding around, floating on air until the fish which was the real focus made its appearance.

It got me to thinking about effortless focus, the clarity and power of this hawk was formidable to be sure. Even though those little sparrows were doing their darnedest to make him move on – he was not deterred. The hawk just floated around, at the ready – almost with an assuredness that the fish was his.

I hope you can feel the effortlessness of the hawk flowing and focusing…gliding and focusing, knowing and going – not being distracted by the little sparrows staying at the ready for his real target.

I think it is possible to have the effortless focus of the hawk. I felt his clarity as if he knew the fish was his (success guaranteed & the task done – so no worry.) I saw the little sparrows (which I will call our worrisome thoughts and doubts) annoy him a bit, but not deter him. And I saw the ease at which he nabbed that fish – it was magnificent…and kinda scary. But focus can be scary to others watching us. Some can feel your power and get frightened of exhausted…others will keep at you to give up your intended. But how wonderful it would be to just glide around, in ease and flow, until the time for your intended goal appears.

I could go on and on here about this experience. I have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now – just feeling into the nuances of the metaphor and its application for us in life – and especially at work.

I know there was a poor fish at the end of this…and I am not saying we need to take a prey….believe me, I do not think the effortless focus I am speaking of requires any loss (we are about prosperity!). I have been focusing on the hawk flowing with the wind, effortlessly focusing on its goal.

Enjoy playing with this today at work, effortlessly focusing on your goal – letting the ease and flow of the day gently glide you to your intended and then moving to take action when the time feels right.

Effortlessly Focus and know you are always prospering.

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