Effortlessness is like enrolling in the school of magic

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You are not doing nothing you are leveraging the flow of WUW (wealth unlimited wealth!)

Many of us think effortlessness is lazy or not productive. We have a negative view of effortlessness, because we think if there is no pain there is no gain. If we have not put in the hard work and pressured ourselves, we have skipped steps or bypassed the right of passage to have what we desire. 

Well that is just BS - bad sharing - of mistaken information...from well meaning others. 

It is one of the things that most saddens me about how we teach our self about success. And yes, I agree, focus and commitment, staying the course and not giving up is important to realizing your dreams, but does all that mean you have to torture and pressure yourself...no way. Please no way.

What I wish for us to do is to expand our definition of effortlessness to be less about hard work and more about conscious direction of energy. Aligning to our natural WUW and then playing our way to satisfaction. Effortlessness is you are directing your energy in a productive and effective manner. You are doing a great deal but in a way that looks like play because it is play…you are playing with life.

FLOW – like being on a magic carpet ride.

Effortlessness is like flow...you start by aligning to the unlimited wealth flowing all around you, you connect to it and let it float you up to a place of knowing you are connected and then you feel ready to play with the next thing on your plate. It is like you are on a magic carpet ride, being taken to magical places.

And no, I am not high! Yes, Illinois just legalized marijuana and no I am not high - LOL - I know you are thinking that, but I digress.

The beauty of effortlessness is you get to have what you desire and you get to enjoy the process along the way. The need for pushing, forcing and fear-based action falls away. The joy of effortlessness is in knowing the power you have and investing it with clarity and purpose and that WUW is available for you.

Please reflect on the following table and see if you can spend some time today giving yourself permission to enroll in the school of Magic where effortless wealth is what you are learning.

School of Magic - Effortless Wealth Approach

School of Hard Knocks Approach

  • Grace & Ease

  • PositiveExpectation (knowing life is on your side working to bring you what you desire)

  • Available abundance

  • AllowingProsperity

  • Peaceful Fulfillment

  • ContentedAction

  • Plenty to go around

  • Want to

  • Would love to

  • Won’t it be great when

  • Joy-filled effort

  • Enthusiastic Play

  • Flowing

  • Inspired Action

  • Satisfaction

  • WUW

  • Have to

  • Must

  • Should

  • Can’t unless

  • Attack

  • Defend

  • Force

  • Take because of scarcity

  • Compete because of not enough

  • Push because of inadequacy

  • Hard work because no pain, no gain

  • Get your share of the pie

  • Money does not grow on trees

  • Difficult efforting

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