Effortless Wealth: A Must Read for Yogis

Yoga Chicago did a review of Effortless Wealth in their Jan/Feb 2020 issue - thank you so much! 

So dear yogis - this post is for you. 

As yogis, we understand the concept of energy and prana. The very definition of prana is life force...the universal energy which flows in and around us - which I believe and use interchangeably with the  definition of Wealth (with a capital W)! Wealth is part of the universal energy that is flowing around us and with us in every way. But somehow, over time, we have come to think of wealth as separate from us, different from us, and something we need to "earn" or seek. (This is the game of duality at play for sure).

Worse yet for us yogis, we have come to think of money, wealth and renumeration as something we are supposed to reject as a part of our altruistic service. Money has become synonymous with greedy and wealth has come to seem as inappropriate; as somehow wealth and money makes us less Godly or less of a yogi.

Wealth is Not Separate From You - It is YOU!

But, wealth is not separate from us, it is US. We are wealth, and wealth is us. We are comprised of wealth energy as this prana is flowing unlimitedly as the life-force within us. We can no more be separated from wealth as we could be separated from our prana! It is not possible.

As we read and explore the concepts in Effortless Wealth, we see wealth in a new way, and you can feel old notions of prosperity and wealth be reoriented, changed and aligned from scarcity to abundance in every way. As yogis we have dedicated our lives to learning the art and practice of yoga...for unity with the divine. We have studied asana, pranayama and meditation as part of our yoga. And as you read Effortless Wealth you will see how you are uniquely ready and uniquely trained to experience a wealth in every way.

One day I was listening to my teacher end class saying Namaste (a.k.a. I bow to the divine in you or The divine in me sees and honors the divine in you), I felt the inherent separation as it is spoken. Like there is divinity in me and there is divinity in you BUT there is space between our divinity! No, there is not space between this divinity...it is all one, we are all one. And by the distributive property, we must be one with each other and with our Wealth.

So today as you go about your day, take your yoga into the world and enjoy the prana that is flowing all around you in every way - including the prana called wealth.

Namaste - the divinity in me honors and is the divinity in you.

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