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Hello Everyone,

This week we continue our money exploration.

Please join us for the next few weeks as we will be doing a 40 day practice around creating money and abundance - and we would love for you to play and explore with us. This will be a deep dive to using your creaitng energy to create money and all manner of wealth.

 Video - creating money - https://youtu.be/C1HsalCT3HE

Please Join US - we would love for you to listen and of course put your questions in the comments so we can discuss in the future.

Tantra of prosperity - link for on-line class - www.TantraOfProsperity.com


About Tricia Fiske, TriciaFiske.com 500 E-RYT, Level 3 ParaYoga Instructor, YACEP, BA, is primary faculty for Prairie Yoga's Foundation and Advanced Teacher Training programs. A leader and major influencer in Chicago's yoga community, she has been study-ing with ParaYoga founder Yogarupa Rod Stryker since 2000. She recently co-authored the book, From Alignment to Enlightenment: Using Props to Achieve Stability and Ease in Yoga Poses. Her teaching emphasizes the energetic qualities of asana and the ease, clarity and freedom found in Meditation. TriciaFiske.com

About Laurie LaMantia at TheAbundanceCenter.com is a successful entrepreneur, business professor and yogi who shares her wisdom about developing wealth consciousness to her many students. She is the author of Effortless Wealth: An investment guide for develop-ing your wealth consciousness. From owning a prospering manufacturing company to teaching Entrepreneurship at DePaul University, she has honed her wealth creating perspective and wishes to share it in the hopes you too will benefit from this expansive understanding about the wealth that is meant for and available to you. TheAbundanceCenter.com - https: //theabundancecenter.com/ Effortless Wealth University - https: //effortless-wealth-university.teachable.com/

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