Everyone is a Gift

My grandmother came to me in a dream last night, and handed me a bunch of grapes. This is interesting because I really did not like my grandmother growing up. She was harsh – a child of immigrant, Polish hardworking, salt-of-the-earth people. She did not feel to me like a loving grandma – she felt kind of mean.

As I was reflecting on her and my relationship with her, I tried to remember her as a person. She was earth-mother-power – creativity, abundance and grounded-ness – She often had dirt on her shoes from being in the garden. She would do needle-craft well into the night, making purses out of garbage bags. She always hosted the holiday meals. And she always had on a dress with heels like Queen Victoria. She was proper and well read. And yet she was scary to me –I think because of her strength. She could break the neck of a chicken in one twist.

And this got me to thinking about all the people in our lives – everyone is a gift…they are all teaching us something – sharing something – being something of value. The message I got from my grandmother is:

Love those who show up in your life as they are sharing some aspect of love – maybe not what you expect but what they have to share.

I think this line: maybe not what you expect – but what they have to share. This is what is so important.

Love comes in a billion packages, and on earth these are called humans. An abundance of them dancing through our lives – some giving quick little tidbits others giving us huge energy lessons. But no matter, there is an abundance of them.

And as I look at all the people in my life, I am grateful for how they share their unique self. And to be honest, I might not like all of them – but I can see the little gifts that they give me,…if I want to see them. And I would not have them change anything – they are wonderful just the way they are.

Each of us is living love – meaning, we are all LOVE uniquely alive…as us.

 My grandmother is my guide for strong woman with creative flow no matter what the circumstances. She showed the way of earth mother. And even though she did not have the kind of nurturing-huggy-kissy-love that you expected of a grandmother – she shared her kind of love; intense grounded-ness. It gave me an appreciation of different approaches to woman, to man, to human, to power. What a gift!

What does this have to do with prosperity and wealth? It shows us once again that Wealth shows up in so many different forms we forget that is it flowing - always and in all ways. You being who you uniquely are is another form of wealth sharing with all of us.  Thank you.

And the people in our lives, all have a love gift to share – can you unwrap it? Can you see it? Can you mine the gold of the message there for your life?

As we journey through our lives, being us, we are Wealthing in a way that keeps on giving whether we realize  it or not. Giving in our unique way.  Thank you.

So today, stop and just appreciate you, as you are, and know that all of us are getting the full, unique wealth benefits thereof. Thank you. And look at the people around you, and appreciate there is a gift or gifts there? Can I find them? Am I willing to see and appreciate?

Remember, you and we are a Unique-Aspect-Of-Wealth and just being you is sharing something wonderful - always and in all ways.

Namaste – the Light in me loves, honors and appreciates the Light in you.

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