Expand your Definition of investing

As we continue our journey exploring Effortless Wealth - we have been expanding a few concepts that will be valuable in our toolbox, we are looking at expanding our definition of wealth to be more unlimited, we are expanding our definition of effortlessness to be more welcoming and we are going to need to expand our definition of investing to be more that just money-focused. 

You invest way more than money

Traditional investing is the process of putting money into an account - be it a bank account, 401K, IRA, or some other repository where your “wealth can grow”.

Investing has come to be synonymous with money, and people who invest money are considered investors. Well, I want to tell you, I consider each and everyone of you an investor! But, I do not use a small definition of investor that only invests money. You invest your very valuable life energy.

As you develop your wealth consciousness it is important to see yourself as a powerful investor that invests your life energy. How and what you invest your life-energy in is how you create your life experience. And your life energy is the most precocious and powerful thing you have to invest. And by developing your wealth consciousness, you too will come to see yourself as one amazing investor!

 Enjoy today and invest your life energy into the things you wish to expand.

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