For things to change - Some thing needs to change

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So many of us have wonderful dreams and desires that we have been intending. One of the most prolific is the desire for wealth and prosperity. And this is a fine desire. Because at its core and within our hearts, we have an internal understanding and knowing that wealth and prosperity are Who We Really our essence we are wealth and prosperity. 

However, to allow this truth to permeate into our lives, we might need to change a few things - the biggest one is how we look at ourselves. Many of us think we are a fix-it project; fundamentally broken and in need of drastic modification. But this belief that we are in need of fixing is driving us in ways that we cannot fully grasp, and it might even be keeping our dreams and desires away - as the belief we are in need of fixing is resistance to that which we desire!

And to change this way of looking at ourselves, we start to see that many things in our life might also change. The ways we approach our day might change, the people in our life might change...or so we fear. And so we do not make the change in our mind and heart about Who We Really Are because of the fear of things changing!

How crazy right? We do not make changes because we are afraid of things changing. While we still want some things to be different.

Ah yes - we want some things to be different...but we want to keep some things too - and we fear the changes we make will undo the good things in our lives! I get it, I too - I have not made many changes because I did not want to undo the good stuff in my life that I like.

And this is where prosperity consciousness is our best friend! Because it says that we are always on the path of prosperity...we cannot not be (sorry for the double negative) because our essence is Wealth and Prosperity. Read that again - your essence, the Great-Energy-Essense of your life is Wealth and Prosperity. And as we align more and more with this truth, the more we allow our lives to unfold in even greater ways. And then we will see the changes we are inspired to make are changes that will allow for more of the wonder of life to flow to us.

My point is that when you know Wealth "has your back" any changes become less like fearful moves and more like exciting growth. When you feel you are in flow with your natural prosperity - you realize you are not fixing something that is broken but you are really moving toward your desires...and then change becomes effortless and part of the great movement of energy through your life.

So the next time you are considering not changing something because you are afraid of loosing something, Stop. And align. Stop the thought momentum of worry. And align to your essence as Wonderful Unlimited Wealth (WUW) and look at the change you are considering and see how it moves you toward your desires and hold that energy and make (some form of change - so things can change.

Live long and know you are always prospering.





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