An interesting thing that has been cropping us around covid is a separation between people. It seems there is a divide growing between teams of people. Some who feel covid is not a thing any longer and many who are saying it is. It is like there are different groups or teams of people - separated by beliefs. Team no-mask is fighting with team-wear-a-mask. And team-science is trying to win over team-economic-recovery and vice versa. 

I feel the divide growing and I feel the competition creeping in to create a winner and a loser - or winners and losers around this covid thing...our human need to make winners and losers is playing out with the pandemic as well.

And this got me to thinking about TEAM HUMANITY. To be honest, when I think of humanity as one team that I am a part of - I feel my heart open and I feel like I want to be a good team player and support the team effort. I want to play my part and contribute my unique piece as best I can and I want for our team to feel the collaboration and camaraderie of team play. And to be honest, covid is the closest thing we have experienced to motivating team humanity.

Another great thing about being part of a team is you feel you belong. Belonging is what is needed as people feel isolated. #alonetogether could be replaced with #TeamHumanity! And as TEAM HUMANITY - we can feel we are in this together - knowing everyone is playing a different position - but everyone - everyone is important to TEAM HUMANITY.

So today, as you might feel things are separating and getting more divided...think of yourself and everyone you see and meet as an important part of team humanity. We are all part of Team Humanity! And with this, honor the unique inspirations that come to you around how to play your part. It might be to stay home and make a nice meal, it might be to venture out and wear a mask (to show you care about your team-mate), it might be to say impart a blessing on team humanity to pull together and feel the wonderful connection that comes from that team contribution...wherever it is TEAM HUMANITY is all of us collaborating and playing as one for the good of the whole team.

 Live long and know you are prospering Team Humanity!


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