Greet Your Stuff, Instead of resist it

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I am taking this awesome Prana Shakti class with Tricia Fiske an amazing master yoga teacher. The class is about learning how to build and direct your vital life force consciously...and we are learning the yogic tools and techniques for doing this. But I digress.

One of the things that happens with some of the tools is they can "bring up your stuff" like frustration or resistance to the feelings. I am sure you have felt this when you are in yoga class...the teacher says something or has you do a posture that just annoys you or makes you uncomfortable. This is actually one of the gifts of yoga, as it moves energy so you can release any resistance you have to allowing the natural flow of your vital life energy (prana) through you.

As we discussed this, Tricia said if you can greet your stuff instead of resist it, you will move through it faster. WOW this is powerful! So please read that again...if you can greet your stuff - and say something like, "well hello frustration I see you...thank you for sharing." And breathe, the energy will flow and the resistance will ease or even release.

But if you resist the frustration and get more annoyed or angry at yourself for being angry, or annoyed with the teacher or all kinds of other avoidance strategies - the resistance will build and thus the prana will not flow as freely.

I think this kinder gentler approach (of greeting) to dealing with the stuff that comes up in our lives that feels not-so-good is such a brilliant way to diffuse and release the hurt or worry or anger, etc.

Once my friend was having a bad hair day and she said as she looked in the mirror, "well hello hair" with such love and kindness I was touched in my heart. Instead of WTF look at this mop on my head - she said with tremendous kindness "well hello hair" and this is greeting our stuff.

So today you might see some of your stuff come up...stop for a second and greet it with kindness and a bit of gentle grace, "say well hello dear one thank you for sharing." take a breath and honor yourself.

Live long and know you are always prospering (so prosper kindness to yourself).



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