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I love the scene in the movie, Wayne’s World where Garth and Wayne are bowing down at the feet of their singing goddess idol repeating “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.” I have been writing about prosperity now for years. And it always amazes me how much self-worth impacts net-worth. Our self-worth, the way we feel about our worth and value, has the ultimate impact on our net-worth; or more accurately what we will allow ourselves to experience. And many of us are like Wayne and Garth, repeating the mantra “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy” deep in the recesses of our mind.

Most of us do not feel we deserve wealth. And that we are not worthy to experience wealth or the joys of wealth. This self-worth issue is at the heart of much of - no most of - our inexperience of wealth. Notice I did not say inability to have wealth. We are all able, it is available to all of us. But this notion that we are not enough, or not good enough is like putting a plastic bubble around yourself and the wealth that is naturally flowing just bounces off. 

I have been saying we need to invest before we invest. Investing in yourself and the understanding of your gloriousness is one of the best energy investments you can make, before you make one monitory investment.

Wouldn’t it be great if we invested our money only after we aligned to our inner wealth-spring? Wouldn’t it be great if we felt worthy, wonderful and at peace and then decided what we really wanted to invest the physical world.

After all these years, I see it is really this issue of self-worth, a deep knowing that you are valuable and valued, that makes the difference as to the net-worth you experience. And I have seen my many clients really make financial head-way when they have moved to feeling empowered and powerful internally - when they feel worthwhile. I have to admit, for some and for me, there was a bit of a lag between this sustained feeling of self-worth and the balance starting to creep up in my bank account. But the joy of feeling empowered and capable was the real pay off and feeling that way was just a thought away - a decision to feel empowered and capable in the moment.

The other thing we humans do is keep score using money and income. If you make a lot of money you must be valuable. How much do you make an hour? That is your value...don’t even go there! Don’t let that be the way you agree to account for your essence - your value. This is such a hurtful thing to do to your deep-self. And let me just say that your Soul-Self, the Big-Powerhouse-You does not agree to that one lick!

 But no one can make you believe anything - this is your journey and your free-will choice. To ultimately come to know that you are Glorious and Magnificent and that your value is undeniable is your journey. It is what every great wisdom teacher has taught. And what every human questions as they get older..until they don’t.

Give yourself the great gift of feeling more and more Wondrous every day. And over time, you will have given yourself the of self. 

Live long and know you are prospering.

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  • Beverly Thompson on

    Yes, Laurie, it is all about love of Self. Well said and thank you!

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