I love money & Money loves me

Well here is a big one huh! To even say such things sounds wrong...I love money - what?! (that is not ok to say) and money loves me (Laurie has gone mad!)

But hear me out. I had the good fortune to interview the author of the book Money is Love: reconnecting to the sacred origins of money  by Barbara Wilder and it was a very eye opening discussion in that I saw how I had agreed money was separate from love. And my discussion with Barbara reminded me that love is everywhere - including in and of money! Money is another form of love! 

Wow, wow, wow...money is another form of love! How radicle - how transformative this notion can be!

So back to...I love money and money loves me. If you play with this and journal about it - you will feel all kinds of feelings come to the surface. 

Take - the statement: I love money. If you are writing this, you might notice your mind comes in and says: you cannot love money that is wrong - evil even. It is the love of money that causes so much trouble in the world...and on and on your mind might go. But stop for a moment - and feel - I am not talking about the groping, greedy, demanding love, I am talking about the flowing appreciative love that comes from your high-heart...the way you love a friend or a pet. That kind of love.

And now the statement: And Money loves me. Yikes this notion might also bring up all kinds of not-so-worthy thoughts, and other lack and limitation notions. And if you thought I love money made your mind spin - play with the idea that money loves you!

This is why I really like the subject of money - it gets people really thinking and feeling! - Because we care about money whether we want to admit it or not - so why not get clear about it and have a powerful, respectful and flowing relationship with it.

So, I encourage you to go through the task of writing that statement: I love money and money loves me. And as you do feel what comes up - explore it a bit, let yourself feel what you feel. And then ask - how much of this do I want to be true for me going forward? What do I want my energy relationship with money to be? What type of energy investments do I want to make in this topic? Because it is worth a deep-dive and it is worth a clarification.

And now back to the notion of love - what if money is just another form of love - that you share with others and that others share with you...that flowing feeling of grace, ease, generosity, abundant flow and yes love is what I believe we are going for when we think of and spend and receive money.

There is so much in this - but the deeper you dive, the more clarity you will get and the more empowered your choices can be. Choose love, choose empowerment, choose to be the creative master of your money beliefs and see how this transforms your experience of money and all matter really.

 Remember you are prospering - always and in all ways.



..listen to my interview with Barbara and Money is love at:



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