Invest Wisely - From Your Heart

One of the most important points in the Effortless Wealth book is that you are a Powerful Creator that invests their energy. You are a powerful Investor and now is the time to INVEST WELL and WISELY.

I know we have talked of this before - but it is time for a refresher here in that we have so many choices in our day to decide the kind of energy investment we are going to make.

Are we going to invest in fear or love? Are we going to invest in scarcity or abundance? Are we going to invest in beauty or ugly? Are we going to invest in health or not? 

Something you need to know is all of these energy investments are powerful and meaningful. When we are in our homes "energy investing" we might think we are not doing anything - but this is some of the most important investing we need right now - investing in health and well being. Vibrating health and well being - enjoying health and wellbeing. Marinating in health and well being. These mind-body-spirit energy investments are your contribution to the health of the planet! And I say THANK YOU for doing your part.

RADIATE this love energy, radiate this knowing all is well and all will be well. Radiate grace and peace. Radiating your loving power is just what we need right now and prayer is good - knowing all is well is better.

Invest, invest, invest in the health of the planet by knowing health and wealth are the essence of life - this life right now. Create a healthy future, by investing in a healthy now.

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