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In Effortless Wealth – there are a lot of “investment tips”. The idea behind an investment tip is that you are a powerful energy investor and as such – you can invest your energy into thoughts and feelings that will bring you closer to your wealth consciousness and thus physical wealth. One of the investment tips I wanted to highlight is the “it’s all happening” investment.

Don't Take Score Too Soon

What happens to many of us is we take score too soon. When you look at your bank account – or see how your desire is not here yet  – you think - my bank account is not growing, or my relationship is not here and if you are like me – you get discouraged. Well this is the time you pull out the it’s all happening energy investing tip. When you feel discouraged, Catch yourself and think and feelit’s all happening. When you doubt, remind yourself it’s all happening. When you get down that it is not happening fast enough remind yourself that it’s all happening - whatever your desire is … it’s “gestating”, it is in play, it is in progress and process.

Creating needs Gestating

It’s all happening, reminds us that we are creating and that the creation is gestating. And instead of getting down or discouraged, we can get excited and expectant. Excited it is in play, and it is being formed from its energy state to physicality. it’s all happening – we are being prepared and readying to enjoy and accept it. The law of attraction working with you – so relax – it is all happening.

Use it’s all happening – when you cannot think of anything to “do” or when your mind is eating at you and making you feel discouraged, defeated or doubtful. The energetic state of relief that comes from it’s all happening is don’t worry, be easy. Know and trust. Relax and allow...feel good - it's all happening! 

Great Way to Remind Yourself 

It’s all happening is a great message to remind yourself of the love and support that is given to us as creative beings. We launch the desire, then life and the law of attraction goes on to fulfill it. Done deal. Doubts, worries and mental clutter just gum up the fulfillment process. The reminder of it’s all happening gently eases the grip of evaluation and puts the emphasis on flow.

Can you feel how “it’s all happening” allows you to relax and maybe even get excited by the fulfillment? Can you feel the tension in your shoulders and jaw release? Can you feel the urgency to make it happen, relax? The more energy you invest in fulfillment, satisfaction, and enjoying your desire the more energy momentum you are building. This is a much better investment than worry, doubt or dubious action.

So, as you continue with your easy money process…use the “it’s all happening” investment tool freely. It will make a big difference in your state of allowing of the flow of prosperity.

Prosperity is yours always and in all ways – know it’s all happening!


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