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When you know something, you feel confident it will happen. Actually, you don’t even doubt if it will happen. You don’t doubt the sun will rise or that there will be air for you to breathe - you know it will and there is. This confidence and certainty allows us to less thing we have to take care of or manage. And there is a plethora of things like this all over your world.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you felt about prosperity flowing as you do about the sun rising? Wouldn't it be awesome if you knew prosperity was there for you and you could relax about it? That is the purpose of this muscle: To develop within ourselves the knowing that wealth and prosperity are around us as sure as the sun will rise. This will take a bit of reinforcement. But the great thing about this is as you get some momentum going about knowing prosperity is there for you, you will get confirmation it is and this will give you more confidence. This will grow your “know it” muscle to the point you don’t wonder if prosperity is yours you just know it is. You don’t worry about making it happen, as you know you have unconditional access to it in the moment through a prosperous thought or a happy enjoyment.

When you look around, know there is all-sufficiency and unlimitedness. As you start to knowtice (know & notice combined) the abundance, you be attracting more of it. When you start to knowtice the all-sufficiency then it will be so in your life. This is why we are developing our muscle, the ability to notice what we want to notice and focus on what we enjoy. Decide in advance that wealth is around you. Decide in advance to know it is available to you. And you will be developing your “know-it” muscle.

And as I have mentioned, you are powerful. And if your belief is pulsating at “I just need to get by” then so it will be - for you. And if your vibe is set at insufficiency then there will never be enough to meet your needs. Knowing there is not enough is powerful too. So, check in with yourself and see what you just know for sure. You hear people say it all the time - ”I just knew he would be a jerk.” “I just knew we would not get the sale.” “I just knew I could not lose the weight” and then it is so. Listen to yourself, pay attention to you, and see what you are really saying and feeling about what you just know.

Know anew and say:

I choose to know life provides lavishly to me and when I ask it is a done deal.

Live long and know you are prospering.

 The know-it muscle is one of the muscles in the Money Magnet card deck.

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