Let 2020 be the Year of Effortless Wealth

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As we start into 2020, I wish for us to explore the magnificence of the Wealth that is flowing around us in every way, every day!

Over the months of 2020 we will explore the basics tenants that are discussed in the Effortless Wealth book. We will be cultivating your wealth consciousness so you see and feel that the wealth you desire is not something you acquire, it is something you already possess - because the energy of Wealth is flowing around you constantly.

The energy of Wealth is flowing around you constantly and effortlessly.

Over the course of all my research and learning about prosperity, wealth and abundance, I have come to see two truths:

  1. That prosperity, wealth and abundance are all around us and always flowing to us – freely and unconditionally.

  2. We do not believe this – especially when it comes to agreeing to it for ourselves. There is also an important correlation: we believe that we must “do” something to earn prosperity, wealth and abundance, and unless we work to have them, they will not be ours.

What we are going to do in 2020 is realign your thoughts to unlock the riches that are already here for you. Please take a moment and contemplate that.

What I wish for us to do over the course of 2020 is assume that wealth is already yours! And that you do not have to struggle to achieve wealth - what we need to do is cultivate the truth about wealth and allow it to flow through us - as it was meant to do...as it wants to do, as it must do.

Over the course of 2020, you can create a vibration or atmosphere around you that is welcoming of your wealth. As you think and feel wealthy, you will be creating an energy field around you that attracts and allows wealth. You will feel differently, and ultimately you will be inspired to act differently.

People with wealth consciousness approach the world very differently than people with poverty consciousness.

The Effortless Wealth book and our focus in this blog over the course of 2020 is meant to give you the clarity and ability to start agreeing to your wealth, and help you ease into agreeing to experience the wealth that is and has been available to you already...always and in all ways.

Get ready to have some real fun in 2020! Woohoo for us!

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