Let go of Banana Thinking

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My teacher Mooji tells this great story about a troublesome monkey causing havoc in a village. So the villagers call in a monkey catcher who understands monkey behavior.

The monkey catcher carves a hole in a coconut and puts a banana in it and ties a rope to the coconut. Then, along comes the monkey and puts his hand into the coconut and grabs the banana. But because of his fist, he cannot pull the banana out.

So now, the monkey catcher starts approaching the monkey, and the monkey knows he is going to be caught and starts to fight and struggle. But instead of letting go of the banana and running away, the monkey struggles harder and harder to free his hand from the coconut - all the while holding onto the banana!... And then he is caught.

Mooji says this is a thing we do as humans, we hold onto our precious banana thoughts instead of letting them go and be free. Can you think of a banana thought you hold onto even though you know it makes you miserable and holds you hostage?

I think one of the most powerful banana thoughts we hold is the notion of scarcity and that we are not enough and there is not enough. We hold onto it because it seems important...it seems it is the way the world works, it seems like if we let it go we will be in jeopardy, it seems it will keep us safe (weird, I know).

But this is a banana thought! It is bananas to think that we, as the Unlimited-Creating-Essense that we are - are limited or inadequate in any way! You are not. It is just a banana thought! A banana thought of scarcity and not-enoughness that keeps us trapped.

I know I have held onto the notion WAY longer than makes sense and to be honest, many times I clench my fist in righteousness about it. It is true, look at all the scarcity! See all this proof. Banana thought!

Letting go of a long held idea might seem foolish (why would you let go of that tasty banana) but ..why not. Why not, if freedom is on the other side. Freedom from inadequacy, freedom from smallness, freedom limitation. That sounds way worth the price of an old banana idea!

Today let go of some long held banana thought and see how free and prosperous you feel!

It is bananas to think that prosperity is not yours always and in all ways.


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