Paradise Island

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Is it possible we live on paradise island and we do not even recognize that we are?

I was on vacation, actually on Paradise Island in the Bahamas…and the first day we were there, I was so tired, so disoriented from travel, and so thangry (tired, hungry and angry) I would have gotten back on a plane and gone home. There were so many people bustling about, it was hot and we could not find food…and I thought we made a mistake coming here.

But we found some food, got something to drink and settled ourselves down a bit, then got our room, took a shower and went to sleep – and in the morning – all was so different!

Paradise was back baby!

Marc said the experience between the two days was like scuba diving. When you first jump into the water with all of your scuba gear on – you are disoriented, and your mask gets foggy and you cannot breathe until you clear your regulator. The first jump in – can be uncomfortable and not fun at all. But then you get your bearings, clear your regulator and wipe out your mask and then find you are floating in a wondrous new world! A weightless and beautiful world of blue waters and colorful magical fish and corals that delight the senses.

And isn’t this a true metaphor for life here on earth. We are really living on Paradise Island, a magical place that can delight the senses….with an abundance of experiences, and people and opportunities for creating – truly a prosperity paradise place. Earth is paradise Island!

And yet, we sometimes get thangry and disoriented. We get overwhelmed with the details of living and doing our life, we forget to clear our regulators and wipe our masks.

And this is the beauty of meditation, where we slow ourselves down, let our minds go off line, clear our regulator and wipe our mind-masks – and then allow ourselves to float in the unlimited beauty and joy of that place of connection with All-That-Is. We become one with the flow and return to paradise, in paradise, part of paradise…right here, right now.

The experience and the metaphor were not lost on me. I remember thinking – Laurie you are in paradise and yet you are not seeing it or enjoying it. And then the grace of sleep, food, air conditioning and meditation helped me to reorient to the paradise of the day. 

Remember, it is ok - we all get disoriented and foggy it is understandable – really it is. And paradise is just a breath, dance, laugh or kitty purr away. And if you are really thangry - French fries, a bath and a nap. You know what you need to clear your regulator and wipe your mask – so you can float in the magical world that is already here, already available, already paradise.

Namaste – and enjoy Paradise Island - this beautiful world of blue waters and colorful, magical, abundant life that delights the senses.

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