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I know that prosperity is around me always and in all ways, AND I need to consciously plug-in to this great flow of well-being, prosperity, abundance energy.

 I really like the metaphor of a lamp being plugged into an electrical outlet. The electricity is always flowing but the lamp cannot light unless it is plugged in. I feel that this is the same for us, free will, means that on some level of our being, we need to choose to plug our lamp in...and let the energy flow into us.

Actually, I know I cannot ever be totally unplugged, but at different times of my life, I am more or less available to the energy glowing from the great cosmic electrical socket. I get overwhelmed and my light dims, I get frustrated or confused and my light dims, I get worrisome or doubtful and my light dims. Not because the electricity is not there or that it is any less is me who has put resistance on my line and is slowing the flow into my lamp.

And as we have talked about, the bummer is I created some resistance through worry, doubt or inadequacy, and the great thing is I created it so I can remove it. For me, just stopping and noticing the blockage is the start. Remember the magnificent flow of prosperity helps me start to clear the resistance, and sitting for just a moment breathing it in and feeling this grand energy illuminate my cells, moves me into full plug-in mode.

So for today, give yourself the gift of a moment of full-flow by plugging in and letting the wondrous electrical current of life light your bulb!

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