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Here I will be exploring the art of living a prosperous life by making peace with money and learning the art of prosperity thinking and being!

I will explore the energy of money and how we can be investors of the highest order by realizing the power we have as creators to create fulfillment, wealth and peace in our lives no matter what is happening in the stock market or the global economy.

The reason I want to explore Making Peace with Money is because I too have had a love hate relationship with money, and saw how this contradictory energy was hampering my ability to experience true prosperity. Until we are able to be honest about money, we cannot really experience the joy we wish to create in our lives.

I have heard people say “it's not about the money, I just want to be happy” - deep down this is just not true. Honestly, can you really say, it is not about the money? Because for many of us, when we think of money, we get a sick feeling inside (it is about money and our relationship to it.) It is like we think we have a clean refrigerator, but way in the back is an old moldy sandwich. Our feelings about money are the old moldy sandwich we need to clean out...but first we need to see there is a moldy sandwich, old thinking and feelings about money to deal with.

 So, as a start - be honest, how do your really feel about money? You need to create a base-line, a starting place of understanding, so you can forge forward to create a new understanding of money and prosperity for yourself. You get to decide - you are the captain of your ship, take the rudder of your financial and emotional ship and sail it into the shores of prosperity. Because if you don't who will!


Nosh on this for awhile - prosperity is already yours? What if prosperity is already yours and you have been pushing it away...what if?

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