Prosperity Moments

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Last night I could not sleep too well, and I woke up to find my husband and puppy snoring in unison. It was so cute, they were both snoring, and then they alternated one then the other and then back together, as one snore. :)

It was a sweet moment and I felt my heart swell. I was so happy that I woke to hear them snoring together. And I just laid there, listening and enjoying - allowing my heart to feel full by this sweet moment. What a simple nugget of life that made me feel full and satisfied.

Later, when I woke in the morning, I was thinking about this moment and our advent calendar intention: to be open to the wonders of life sharing with us. And this simple little thing, this prosperity moment, of synchronized snoring - I put in the magic of life category; the sweet things that open our hearts and help us feel love - are where the magic of life reside. And we need to notice and value them as such...we need to open to we are doing with opening a door on our advent calendar every day.

Yes, there are moments when we get to sing in the Super Bowl half-time show (yahoo for you J.Lo) but there are those sweet moments in every day that give us pause and remind us of the daily, moment-to-moment things that touch our hearts...these are the prosperity of everyday life. And there is an ABUNDANCE of them!

So today, stop and notice the sweet moments that remind you of the prosperity of your daily life. The little and large things that inspire you to say - Wow, I AM really rich!

Your prosperity is certain and unlimited - as demonstrated in an abundance of heart-touching prosperity moments.


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