The definition of radiate is to emit (energy, especially light or heat or love) in the form of rays or waves, that diverge or spread from a central point (you & me in this case).

When we ask what can we do today or in the moment to "help" with the covid or these tumultuous times, one amazing thing we can do is RADIATE. Radiate from the center of your heart through your body deep into the earth and way out past your body. Radiate and emit from your center, the energy of that which you want to feel. RADIATE LOVE, RADIATE WEALTH, RADIATE RESPECT, RADIATE EMPOWERMENT...radiate. Be a radiator of that which you are creating.

This is one of the great powers and strength we are endowed with by the divine love source. The divine wealth source is beckoning the globe to embrace love, feel love, be love and radiate love.

You do not need to “do” anything more than radiate! Radiate the divine truth of oneness and perfection. So many teachers have shared the truth that love is all there is – so look to love, see only love, and know that the fear that is spreading is not based in anything but the mind creating a separation – thinking it needs to do this to survive. But alas, your life is never in question, the aliveness that is you can never be snuffed out or separated from you. 

Do not worry about the certainty of love or wealth or abundance. Yes, sometimes there is forgetfulness, we all forget in times of stress – and in that is a great opportunity to remember! To remember the grace and unlimited abundance that flows through us around us and to us. Always and in all ways!

Radiating is easy and powerful, helpful and a great gift we can share of ourselves. Love-energy-juice is always a good thing. So, invest in remembering and radiating. Simple profound and complete.



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