Sacred Spacing

Today, I am feeling the gratitude for social isolation as it has reminded me of one of my favorite things - my sacred space.

In effortless wealth, we talk of creating a sacred space - it is both a physical place you can just "BE" in and a emotional energetic space you hold around you as sacred....I mentioned this in the Bubbling blog entry.


If you do not have one yet - this might be the perfect time to create one - a sacred physical splace in your home. This is a place, whether it is a room, or in front of a small table or corner of the house, that you consciously enter with the intention to marinate in love. In your sacred splace you might meditate, journal, pray, connect with your divine magnificence, listen to inspiring music, watch uplifting youtube - whatever feels sacred and alivening.

(Caution - please do not listen to the news or other fear things in this sacred place. Only things that feel good, and loving and abundant, and happy are allowed into the spaced place - happy kitty and puppy videos are good). 

Let your family know - you are taking a sacred-time-out in your sacred splace - so no cell phones, or interruptions while you are self quarantining.

A gift of Quarantine - SPACE

One of the gifts of this quarantine is we get to settle down and be. How awesome it has been to be honest. We just get to be without the have-to and shoulds that drive us and keep us moving at a frantic the point we have no energetic space. Well - now we do.

We can be separate from each other (we need to be separate form each other) – and that gives us permission to  find your sacred space and place and enjoy being in it…effortlessly. Even if it a closet – make it yours and enjoy your quite time in there….just being. Quiet, no doing, no have-to or should or other demands we mindlessly make in our distracted world.

Once you have practiced in your physical space, you will find it easier to take this peace and bring it out into the world (whenever that happens). :)


In your sacred place you are finding sacred space. You are making yourself available for your inner wisdom and the GREAT-WEALTH-LOVE-SOURCE to seep into your cells. This is a glorious thing! And so HEALTH-ifying and WEALTH-ifying!

And this is sacred energy is yours no matter what is going on around you. Your time in your sacred place is building a practice of connection with your divine internal light that will allow you to be in your sacred space anywhere, any time.

I truly believe we are birthing a magnificent future of love and light that will amaze and delight us. And right now - the gift we can give the world is the practice of sacred spacing...holding our divine love & light in the sacred space around us and radiating it - no matter what is going on around us.

Live long and prosper practicing sacred spacing in your sacred place at home.

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