Some How...

If you are anything like me, your mind wants to know - How is this going to happen? How am I going to make this happen?!

Our minds are fierce and want answers! and clarity and knowing - about things even before we undertake them. We want to know how our special someone is going to show up (and when!). We want to know how our million dollars is going to be made? We want to know how our dreams are going to happen. And right now the best answer you can give your mind is ...Some How!"

I remember a story of a powerful guru master working with his "team" to create a charity for feeding the hungry. As the team brainstormed, they realized they were going to need a hefty sum of money to make this charity a reality. As they continued on, the people started to fret, where is this money going to come from master? And he said, from where ever it is now. With complete trust and knowing he said - from where ever it is now. And isn't that the important part of this story, his complete trust and knowing that it is coming from where ever it is now, some how.

This story has impacted me over the years, as I loved his knowing that the love, support, and resources need for implementation of our desires is going to come - from where ever it is now - to us, some how.

I know for you business types this is just a mambi pambi answer, but it is a viable answer, if you think about it...and for me it gives my mind a way to relax - in a comforting thought of... It will happen, some how.

So today if your mind is working overtime fretting about how to make something happen, or if it is going to happen - give yourself a bit of space with the open-ended knowing of "some how". Somehow this will all come relax. Somehow this will unfold in a lovely, easy, fun way. Nice and easy, somehow gives us just a bit a space for things to flow.

Remember prosperity is around you always and in all ways and it makes it way to you, some how every day!

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