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OK, I admit it – I have been ODing on the hallmark channel and Christmas movies. Last night I was watching a smattering of SNL Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf and a couple of others. And I was noticing the SANTA FACTOR - popping up in all of them. The playful and powerful message sent to many children that Santa is watching to see if you are naughty or nice – with the implication it is going to effect the outcome and of the quality of your gift. 

The Santa Factor has deep roots

The Santa factor…is subtly and not so subtly entrenched in our belief systems – naughty or nice, good or bad; the not so subtle judgement about our goodness.

I too feel the Santa Factor still playing out deep in my psyche – have I been good enough this year? Right now, I am calling it the Santa factor – but really it is the deep agreement in conditionality & judgement effecting the outcome and quality of our lives.

How much to we limit ourselves from our unlimitedness with something as simple as the assessment of naughty or nice?

But prosperity does not live in these limited ideas – it cannot. Prosperity is Unlimited and Unconditional.

And here in the holiday season, we can feel the pressure of trying to make things perfect and nice. We are sharing our love and trying to be unconditional but there seems to be so many conditions to make the holidays special and meaningful…the right food, the right presents, the right outfit and appearance, the right decorations, maybe it is time for a smidge of unconditional.

Maybe it is time for a smidge of unconditional…

The winter solstice just happened, the still point. The point in every year where the amount of darkness equals the amount of light … a balanced equilibrium that brings peace and calm. It is in the still point that we can feel the unconditional. It is the peace we can feel when we are in that still moment, like when we are just watching the snow fall.

Can we find that still point right now in this moment? The still point inside our essence – that enjoys the quiet even in the midst of the holiday. It is an empty fullness that comes when the mind is quiet, empty and the heart fills.

Our still point - the silent, holy night

Our still point where there is no judgement, there is no conditionality…it is the silent night, the holy night moment – - - - where all stops - - - where all is bright. This is the place of unconditionality and the wonder of the holy moment.

 Ahh, can you feel it?

Maybe give yourself the gift of a still point - a silent moment free of any condition, any assessment, any judgement - free of the Santa factor. Enjoy the magic that is the still point moment – a holy moment from which all magic is flowing freely.

Namaste, the Still Point in me honors and is the Still Point in you – unconditionally.

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