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I am totally into Advent Calendars this year. I LOVE them! Just love! My friend gave me a cheese advent calendar and it is so fun. I purchased a rituals calendar for myself in expectation of the savoring of opening the doors to find the gift. This daily ritual of getting to open a surprise message or present is magical really!

As I opened my "gift for today" - my heart leapt in excitement and joy as I saw the first offering. It was a surprise and quite unexpected.

This got me to thinking about prosperity and what if every day we approached it like we approach our advent calendar - with the excitement of the unexpected surprises! How magical our lives would feel! How much like a treat for the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and soul the day would be. So much love and joy wanting to share itself with us - but we need to want to open the doors and look what is in store for us.

I hope the metaphor of the advent calendar is not lost on you as a way to enjoy and approach every day!

So let this be our time - the next 24 days - as we count down and open our advent calendars - we will approach everyday like it holds a surprise for us, like there is much to be shared and we are going to enjoy opening the door of our hearts and minds and enjoy the magical gifts.

The advent calendar it is not just a thing for these 24 days before Christmas, it is an approach or a tool for living life, and it is about opening our hearts to the magical gifts that await us today and everyday.

Play with this and enjoy the prosperity of the day! 

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