The Easy Money Process

Ok - so we are ready to RESTART! After the 4th of July and the 3 eclipses in the month of June, the universe has set the energetic table - so let's feast!

And to that end - I em going to create money and I am going to do it over the next 27 days via conscious creating. Why? Why not. Actually I just want to get the flow going with more intention. And this is easy - so please join me as we spend the next 27 days (27 days is the amount of days needed to create a new habit) allowing money to flow into our lives - in all kinds of magical ways. And please share your experience in the comments of the blog or email me at your insights.


For the next 27 days we will focus on enjoying easy money. Each day of the following statements and focus on it for 5 minutes. Sit down and set your timer for 5 minutes. And repeat the statement 3 times and then pause and say OM. As you speak the statement out loud - FEEL IT in you body - and feel it is a done deal, a reality - because it is an energetic reality you are making power creator you! 

For example todays statement is :Money comes easily to me. So you would say it 3 times out loud - Money comes easily to me, money comes easily to me, money comes easily to me - OM. As you do this feel money coming easily to you. Feel easy money. If you mind jumps in with all of its stuff (and you know it will!) just thank it for sharing and get back to your money focus. 5 minutes is a long time if you focus and will blow by if you get distracted by all your mind gibberish.

Here are the 27 statements:

Day 1: Money comes easily to me

Day 2: I like playing with money

Day 3: I so enjoy all manner of money and abundance

Day 4: Money keeps flowing to me - awesome!

Day 5: I have plenty of money to share and to spare.

Day 6: Money Magic - Magic Money

Day 7: I am at peace with money

Day 8: It is ok to want and enjoy money

Day 9: It is so simple to attract money

Day 10: Money is my friend

Day 11: I enjoy money - a lot

Day 12: I am wise and empowered with money

Day 13: There is a continuous stream of money always flowing to me

Day 14: I am a money magnet!

Day 15: I am a genius with money and it pays really well.

Day 16: I create money all the time

Day 17: I am blessed with an abundance of money

Day 18: I allow myself to feel rich

Day 19: My money dreams are completely underwritten

Day 20: I attract money faster than I can spend it

Day 21: I love money and money loves me

Day 22: Making money is fun, easy and exciting

Day 23: The money I seek is already here

Day 24: I so enjoy financial freedom

Day 25: I am rich in every way

Day 26: Money - easy come - easy grow

Day 27: I am effortlessly wealthy

My guess is you will have issues with feeling into some (or all) of these statements or even saying them - that is ok. You might want to journal about them later - after your 5 minutes (let yourself have the 5 minutes of saying the statements). And in the spirit of RESTART let yourself let the old agreements and feeling about money go. Be independent! Be free to enjoy, attract, create, and allow money.

One of the gifts of covid is nothing is normal or usual - so now is as good a time as any to give yourself the gift of independence from your old money experience!

ENJOY all the money and abundance - and know you are always prospering - so why not make it money!

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