Hungry Mind...and its impact

Mooji said, "The belly of the mind is never full. It is never content. When it is eating breakfast, it is thinking what is for lunch. As it is eating lunch it is thinking of dinner."

Busted! That is me (actually my mind) so much of the time. My mind is always "on" trying to do more, be better, fix something...nagging at me really. Much of the time it is insatiable. What mooji said got me to thinking about inadequacy - because it feels that at the root of a hungry mind is inadequacy and not enoughness. The mind is always clamoring for more and better. And this is not a "bad" thing - unless you feel unease and a deep disquieting "not-enoughness" behind it. 

My mind is ALWAYS HUNGRY. Always looking for some mind-candy to eat. 

And this mind hunger is at the root of our limited wealth experience. I see how if our mind is always looking to fix, change, scheme, create, better, judge, assess, compare, increase, etc. - it might be doing so in service to a deeper feeling of not-enough-ness or inadequacy.

I hope you can sense where I am going. That many of us were/are conditioned to "do better, be better" - and with this can come a nagging feeling of not-good-enough. Social media is exceptional at reinforcing this.

But as the mind hungers, it keeps us from missing out on the fundamental grace and wealth of the moment. It distracts us from the grandness of unlimitedness right now. It is ravening for something to be different instead of be in our eternal present grace. 

And worse, if I may say, this mind hunger keeps us stuck in assuming we are not doing enough or being enough. Mind hunger fosters the inadequacy virus that plagues our every day and every moment. From not cute enough, to not rich enough to not fun enough...just insert your favorite, NOT ____ Enough.

When I can turn off my mind for a second (thank you guided meditations by Mooji), I feel the empty expansiveness of being, I feel the auspiciousness and well being in this moment. I feel the silent peace of not having to effort. I touch my Effortless-Enough-Self and that feels so good.

But until I learn to use my mind like a tool (and put it away like a tool) contentment and being present to the wealth of my life is not nearly as mandatory as "doing something" to fixing something...chasing the activity of doing somehting to fix the black hole of inadequacy. And when my tool (my mind) is running the show - I end up feeling discontented with who I am and how I am - ouch that hurts to say.

The reason I keep coming back contentment and enoughness, and how our minds distract us from them is that enoughness is at the core of wealth consciousness and our hungry minds are not biased in satisfaction - it seems more like it is programed for satiation (feed me!).

So knowing life is always taking care of life and that you are enough - just as you are - is vital in our allowing our natural wealth in. And if we think we need to fix and change things, us, we have a hard time allowing and enjoying...the wealth that is already here and already ours. 

And this is not a matter of fixing your mind! No, please-not another fix it project that makes you feel inadequate. Just simple moments of no hungry mind...a simple breath, a sip of delicious coffee, a sniff of a flower, a pet of the pup, a snuggle of the pillow. Simple, easy, no-need-for-mind-moments. In those moments, your natural wealth flows. Moments of ease and peace.

And you might wonder... where did this contentment and wealth come from? Hum, was it always here? - Did I not notice it because my hungry mind kept me distracted?

Now...we are onto something. Now you are onto something...

Live long and know you are always let it be enoughness.


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