The Genius of AND

In the book Built to Last, the authors Jim Collins & Jerry Porras discuss the Genius of the ANDThe authors say that:

 "Builders of greatness reject the "Tyranny of the OR" and embrace the "Genius of the AND." They embrace both extremes across a number of dimensions at the same time—purpose AND profit, continuity AND change, freedom AND responsibility, discipline AND creativity, humility AND will, empirical analysis AND decisive action."

I have always appreciated the concept of the genius of AND because it feels more abundant! Choosing between things, which is the tyranny of the OR puts my mind in a deciding place of evaluating, judging and analyzing - which feels confining, limited and many times so frustrating. OR thinking does feel like tyranny (scarcity, really). Why can't I have my cake AND eat it too. Why can't I have many cakes! That is abundant AND thinking.

The Genius of the AND is about looking at possibilities, allowing yourself to expand to having more, and allowing seemingly conflicting ideas and desires ALL to be viable, and possible. How prosperous is that!

AND is inclusive - OR is about exclusion. AND is expansive, OR is restrictive.

I know that many times we do need to make a choice - but for many of us the tyranny of the OR is running the show and this is not nearly as wealth-promoting as AND! 

In Effortless Wealth, we discuss how OR can lead us into scarcity thinking. By putting us in the bind of agreeing "I can have money OR freedom, but not both." I can have money OR my integrity." "I can have money OR my relationships but not both." It is the tyranny of the OR. I can have this OR that - but not both. Abundance, wealth consciousness opens us up to the genius of the AND. I can have money AND the other wonders of life. I can be my glorious unique self AND enjoy the richness that comes from that. I can be playful AND committed. There are so many places we can look for the expansion that AND brings - and the prosperity that flows from that.

At first it might take a bit of noticing how many times we just agree to the limitations of OR. e.g. It is us OR them. She can win OR I can. I can pursue my passions OR make bank. But this is not the way of the Glorious-Unlimited-All-Is-Possible-Wealth-Energy that is flowing always AND in all ways. As the song goes:

Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe
somehow you will
You will when you believe (lyrics from When you Believe)

This song can also be the anthem for the Genius of AND

So today, when you feel your mind grinding with the usual assumption of it has to be this OR that - stop and remind yourself about the abundance and creative-genius inherent in the Energy-Flow-Of-Life. The flow that can facilitate all of your desirers in a magical AND way, you might have never have considered! When you expand into AND - you are opening to the true richness of life.

So, open your heart and let AND show you the way.


Remember you are always prospering - always AND in all ways! 

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