The Prosperity of Spring

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If you ever need a prosperity reminder - spring is your ticket! Everything about spring radiates prosperity, abundance, freely-shared beauty, exuberance and aliveness! 

Spring is our glorious reminder that life is unlimited-bountiful-sharing without reason or need! Spring is Nature doing her grand thing without a care for resources or return on investment.

When spring happens, it is wise to take a time out and enjoy - just enjoy.

This is a season of great change, kids are graduating, mothers are being celebrated, the energy is transitioning from quietude and darkness to full-on magical wonder.

As part of the grace of spring, I am doing a 30 day allowing feast, if you will. For 30 days I am waking up - taking a stroll through the yard and allowing the bounty of life to fill me. I am choosing to be allowing of life. To that end, the other day I was feeling so excited to love life! LOVE LIFE and then I heard - LET LIFE LOVE YOU BACK.

I think this needs to be a T-Shirt - LOVE LIFE and LET LIFE LOVE YOU BACK.

This is the grace of spring: freely given life loving us back. There is much going on in the world and much of it seeming not so loving. It is in these times, when we the prosperity people (those who are awakening to the inherent magnificence of life) radiate our love into the spring air. We breathe in the spring, allowing it to fill our hearts, minds and every-cell-in-our-body, we take it in, the lilacs and tulips and we feel the prosperity of spring rejuvenating us. We allow the prosperity of spring to refresh and remind us of the gloriousness of life...and then we breath out and send this joyous prosperity out on the fragrant winds of the day to touch the hearts and minds of those all around the globe. We, prosperity people, do this not because we should or because we are trying to fix something. No, we do this like the crabapple and the daffodil - because it is our nature to bloom and prosper - just because it feels so is our is our nature.

 Today and for as many days as you remember - enjoy and allow the prosperity of spring.

Namaste - the prosperity in me sees, appreciates and is one with the prosperity in you.


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