The Sharing of Love

Today is December 25th and if you are like many of us, we are going to be exchanging gifts. Today is a day that people around the world will give and receive gifts. There are many reasons behind the gifts to be sure, but the elemental reason is the exchange of love. 

Do this in memory of me, are the words Jesus the Christ spoke. Share with one another the essence of love. And to me, this is one of the gifts of Christmas - it is a reminder about that sharing of love that we experience together, as we give and receive.

Stay with the essence of love inherent in the gift

We give our love through a tangible gift and another receives the love gift...and in that exchange there is something magical and special...and if we just stay with the love - we stay at the unlimited essence that giving and receiving is about.

So no matter whether you get a new pair of underware, or a diamond ring, the essential sharing of the love is no more or less great. The gift is the love and love cannot be made bigger or smaller, or more or less valuable based on the gift. Love is love. We humans want to categorize and monetize love, but really we cannot. Love is greater than all of our human notions of it. And at Christmas we are reminding ourselves of the love - the BIG LOVE that is at the core of every gift...that is at the core of the message of Christ. Love, Love Love.

So today, as you give and receive the gifts that are a part of the day...slow down and connect to LOVE and the love that is inherent in every gift that is shared. Underneath all the choosing, buying, wrapping and sharing is LOVE. Because we are never separated from Love...and today is just a wonderful reminder - a refresher so to speak, it is like celebrating LOVE DAY that we call Christmas.

Happy Christmas and enjoy the Big Love and sharing the love.



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