The True Poverty

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I have been taking this wonderful yoga teacher training class – on understanding, using, fostering and directing your life energy (prana). It is called Tantra Shakti taught by Tricia Fiske and Lisa Bertke.

And every week I have been having these intense AHAs – around the deep, subconscious feelings that I have agreed to that Divinity is outside of me (an external source), that divinity must be earned (like go to church and earn your way into heaven) , that entities outside of me (like gurus and esteemed elders) decide if I am “Divine enough”.

And this has led me to see the true poverty of agreeing that our divinity (or essential prana) can be withheld, earned, taken away, judged, manipulated, or in any way, not ours – not yours.

As you might have noticed, that as we journey together, we have been seeing that Wealth, with a capital “W” is prana, life force, divinity, ever flowing, always available to everyone and everything – always and in all ways. So, I am finding it interesting how I still have these deep feelings that I have to earn Divinity vs. it already me…as the essential Grace and Wealth of everything everywhere. 

I hope you can feel the depth of how ingrained the “earn-it”, “not-yet-worthy-of-it”, “some deity-will-decide-if-you-have-earned-it” beliefs we have accumulated. So much so, that it can be just how we think life is.

But alas, this is not so – nor has it ever truly been. You are life-force personified. You are Divinity-Wealth-energy in a skin-suit, here to experience life in all its amazingness without having to earn the right to be your Divine-Wealthy self.

The idea that something outside of you decides if you are divine enough is true poverty. The idea that you are not divine enough - lest you “do” more, practice more, learn the right way, etc., etc., etc., is just such poverty – and these notions, these misunderstandings about the Divine way life energy flows – just keep us poor!

And the crazy thing is – in a holy instant, the seeing of this pops the whole poverty bubble and you can easily glide back into the knowing of your true Wealth Essence (yes, I am using Divine and Wealth interchangeably).

When we lose connection to our Wealth-Stream; to the truth of our Divinity….that is true poverty.

So today, as you move through your day, play with saying…I am Divine, I am Wealth. I agree to my Richness.

And, I am not going to give into the poverty notion that I have to earn, do, or allow anything outside of me to decide that I AM.

Just see how this feels in your body and in your mind. You might want to journal about it, notice your dreams for the next couple of days. Because once you make the connection between how we have disconnected from the Truth of Who We Really Are, Divinity Personified, you will see how that is true poverty.

Remember you are Divine Wealth always and in all ways.

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