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Today I was driving down a street in a pretty affluent neighborhood looking at the houses for sale.

It is interesting to note the stream of thoughts that went through my mind...

"Oh that one is nice - I would like to live in that one! But it is too big and probably a lot of money. Never mind."

I know I am not alone in this classic chain of thoughts. And I bet for many of us, I cannot afford that is another thought... many others like this.

But, I did catch myself and noticed the stream of thoughts. I caught myself, took a breath and I said "hey Laurie, you can do better then that!" And then I thought - I could have that house if I wanted to - but to be honest that felt a little better, but not great - as it pinged me in my gut - and I thought - "not really, just the taxes are more than you make a month:)"

So I looked for a better thought that I could feel good about, I thought maybe - but maybe still did not feel good in my body. Then I thought, someday and that felt better, hopeful, open-ended, exciting, easier...and I left it at that...Someday!

My point is that we can tweek our thoughts to be more facilitative of what we what we want while not "throwing us in the weeds" of pretend thoughts that we want to believe but deep down do not - Resulting in us thinking we are not really ever going to get what we say and we are not to be believed.

And please note: my thought tweeks will be different than yours. And this is important - what feels good as a tweek to me, might not feel good to you - you need to find your own words and felt-sense responses. You need to find tweeks that work for you! Someday (my better-feeling tweek) might not feel good to you...but some other idea might.

Tweeking is a powerful investment tool that you can practice using to work with your body and mind to find energetic thoughts that feel better and that move you in the direction of what you want...without being so bold a thought that a part of you just dismisses the dream and sets you back to feeling hopeless or disempowered.

I could have told myself, "get over it! that is never going to happen! ...and that makes me feel sad to be honest. It takes the hope away, it disrespects the power of my dream and desire, it reduces my creative power - all in one little statement like that! That is not a helpful tweek!

Part of being a powerful wealth investor is practicing using our thoughts in a way that focuses our life energy in the direction of what we want. And as we discuss in Chapter 6 of Effortless Wealth - Your thoughts are one of your most powerful wealth creating awaken to using them consciously.

Play with tweeking your thoughts today by finding thoughts that support your dreams and feel good to your mind and body. As you do this you are becoming a powerful wealth investor that is laying the ground work for effortless riches of all kinds!

Remember - wealth is flowing to you always and in all ways!


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