Unexpected Gems

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Even when you feel you are on Wealth lockdown, life is not! Wealth is flowing always, and in all ways. It is always flowing and sharing with you, even if you cannot see it or are not open to it (just now).

 And this is what was at play when I went for a walk down a new street and found an unexpected gem. Unexpected by me, but gems are always being shared, around every corner that is the way of wealth. I happened into a new store, the Sol of Life! A salt cave and a whole lot more. It was just what I needed – an antidote to my wealth lockdown.

I sat and had a cup of herbal fresh brewed tea and talked with the new owner/partner – Tonya. She told me how she is a single mother and was looking for a job and working on this venture came just at the right time for her. Tonya was sparkly and excited for the opportunity. As we chatted you could feel the excitement of the new adventure. The care that was put into curating the salt cave, yoga center and tea house. There was pink Himalayan salt everywhere! A huge abundance of halo healing right there – as an added bonus.


And in a extra note of irony, the salt cave was going to be in the “vault”! Sol of Life is taking up residence in the space of the old local bank and there is a huge vault they will be using for the salt cave. What powerful energy is going to be in there – all that wealth in one spot! So excited for them, and so happy I got to see and feel it in its fresh start-up phase. What a gem and what a sparking gift to me.

What I wish for us to be ok with is - that sometimes we are on wealth lockdown. Many times we are doing our work, focusing, and not having all that much fun or play in our days. And as love would have it, we take a breath – go down a different street and tada! An unexpected gem. The beautiful thing is you do not have to go in search of it – it wants you! Abundance and wealth want you. Their gifts keep on flowing and you never know how they are going to light up for you and show up for you. But you can be sure they will and are.

If you ever have a chance to stop by the Sol of Life in downtown Fort Myers stop in for a cup of tea and a breather in the vault salt cave. How prosperous is that!

Toyna says, you don’t have to do anything – just be open to being well. Hows that for a great effortless wealth message.

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