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You know what is really expensive, thinking that things are expensive.

 Of late, I have to admit, I just don’t know what is “expensive” and what things are not. In the scheme of things, if you want to do something, or experience something and you don’t because you think it is too expensive. Isn’t that really costly, I mean to your inner creator?

I heard a quote: 

At the end of our life, you will be held accountable for the desires you did not allow yourself to have that were available to you.

 What if at the end of life, we are not held accountable for the rotten things we have done, but for the pleasures (the sweetness’) of life that we did not allow ourselves to have. And for many of us, we do not allow ourselves many things because “they are too expensive”.

  • The weekend getaway that is badly needed for your marriage sanity.
  • The upgraded “whatever” that will make your life so much easier, but you can make due with the old clunky version that takes way longer to get the task done. 
  • The course that will make you feel better about your future or yourself.
  • The adventure that your inner being needs.
  • The time out that your exhausted self desires.
  • The frying pan that actually has Teflon on the bottom that the eggs won’t stick to and you won’t get Alzheimer's from instead of the old aluminum one you have had for years.

I am not talking about the Jaguar or the fancy watch (but that would be fine also)...but for many of us, the things that would delight us and give us a jump of simple joy are found in the every day things, and they should not be fluffed off because they are too expensive. 

Even the big desires should not be left to whither, like the Jag, or the bass boat, for someday...which for many of us means, never.

 What is ultimately needed is an internal check in with what you are wanting...do you really want it from a deep desire place, or is it just something else you want. And this also means checking in to see what it really is you are desiring. Is it a new car or adventure? Is it a new kitchen or really cabinets that close? 

Our souls’ are huge and our Creating Essence does not give a flying fig about the cost. Our little human sensibilities do, but our Big Creator is all about living, enjoying, growing...and not doing something because it is too expensive is really what is expensive. 

 I am not making the case for thought-less spending nor am I saying to just do whatever, no matter the emotional, social or relationship cost. This is not a Go-Hog-Wild card (although maybe it should be)... this is a call to some internal noticing. A short check in with yourself to see if what you are telling yourself is really too expensive or if not doing it is too expensive...only your deep truth can tell you that.

 And ultimately, what if we could teach ourselves to feel if we desire it, it is not too expensive! Just the thought that it is too expensive - is what is expensive...noodle on that for a bit. 

Live long and know you are prospering.

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