You Are Heaven on Earth

I am sure you all have heard the notion that we can create heaven on earth. The idea that through, attention, action and focus, we can take this experience we are having on earth, this-less-than-heaven-experience living here, and transform it into a heavenly experience. Where people coexist and the hurts and pains of living are eliminated - like it would be in heaven. Or what I imagine heaven to be.

Which I love! And I have seen and experienced heaven on earth. The magic of a daisy, or the peaceful perfection of a dog laying in the sun on the floor. The magic of love from a real-hug, to the generosity of service from so many during the covid. All of this is heaven on earth to me.

And, I too have been in service to the notion of creating, and contributing to creating, heaven on earth from a young age. I always thought it was possible, maybe necessary - even from a mere human like me, like us.

So the other day I was blown away when I heard myself say to myself,  You are Heaven on Earth! 

What - no, not I, the mere human, the flawed and not-so-heavenly me - I am supposed to contribute to heaven on earth so I can be a better person and so I can help others experience better. But alas that is not what the message was - it was I AM HEAVEN ON EARTH. You and me - we are heaven on earth - we are souls in bodies - getting to play 3D - pieces of heaven on earth!

I hope you can feel the shift that I am trying to describe - the shift from separate from heaven to being a piece of heaven on earth. The shift from trying to be good enough to get to heaven to being heaven "walking" on earth. The shift from something not being it - to TOTALLY being it. The shift from earning it, or having to create it, or it never really happening to You Are! (earning not needed), YOU ARE (creating not needed), WE ARE (right now)!

I hope you can feel the essence of the idea - that you are amazing, glorious, perfect and unlimited - as "whatever/whoever you are right now". YOU ARE HEAVEN ON EARTH. Meaning you are a perfect expression and combination of uniqueness, approach, body, gender, etc. This is you being heaven on earth. 

And I hope you will give yourself a moment to stop and contemplate this most amazing idea about yourself. You are heaven, you are heaven walking and talking and making breakfast. You are heaven as you go to work and interact with your boss. You are heaven! Yes - heaven does mundane things like brushing its teeth. 

Heaven is not a someday "thing or place" in the future with pearly gates. Heaven is where you stand. There is a bible story about how Moses went to the mountain and as he approached the burning bush (which he felt was the presence of God) - God said, take off your shoes this is holy ground. And Moses did, as he thought it was because he was standing in front of God. But Moses did not truly understand what God was saying. God was acknowledging that Moses was holy and the place he was standing was holy ground. And Moses is you and me - we are pieces of heaven and you are holy and where you stand is sacred.

As we marinate in this and realize the heavenly nature of each other, we will see how heavenly earth is and how amazing our co-creations together can be...pieces of heaven playing together in unique and glorious ways.

So today, enjoy and embrace being HEAVEN on EARTH. And seeing everyone you interact with as a piece of heaven too!

 End note: And this understanding is at the root of wealth and prosperity - fundamental to Wealth consciousness is knowing and feeling you are heaven on earth.

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