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 I have decided the "original sin" of our lives is thinking we are "broken and in need of fixing", and this leads us to feel insignificant, small and like we do not matter.  And this is SO UNACCEPTABLE!

This really hit home to me in a big way as listened to a friend struggle with her self-worth. She had a tough childhood and was neglected and forgotten by her family. (very sad). Now, she is looking to her kids, husband and friends to help her feel like she is valuable. But to be honest they are living their lives and don't have time for "that" or certainly not enough time or energy for what she needs. 

And I have felt this too - I know all of us have...(hence the original sin idea) because it feels like a "root-issue" so many of us feel and are working to overcome. We are not-enough and therefore don't matter.

But from a Big-Unlimited-Wealth perspective this is so not true! You are part of the Wealth Source, You are Wealth and You MATTER. The essence of you is perfect, wondrous and magnificent - you cannot be otherwise.

And this miss-understanding or mistaken agreement (we come to believe) clouds and covers your essential truth - of unlimitedness and worthiness that translates into value and thus feeling you matter.

Back to my friend... she is struggling to value herself...and I am here to tell you she is AMAZING, powerful beyond words and a force to be reckoned with - and she matters to so many people! But not to herself. And this is the tragedy of this whole mindset! Tragedy I tell you! When we do not feel we matter or value ourselves - we do not see our power - our impact and our true diminished and the world is lesser for it!

You, not operating at your full-blazing-light-brilliance of knowing you matter - MATTERS! Read that again - slowly. Because it is saying you matter and it matters that you know that. You make a difference, and the more you value you the more grace you share with us in this world.

Take a moment today, as you sit at a stoplight or wait for your tea/coffee to brew - and breathe in how much you matter, not because of what you do - but because of your essence, that brilliant light essence, that is You.

Know you matter and as you walk through your day radiating your wonderfulness we all prosper.



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