About Effortless Wealth

Invest - Before You Invest

...excerpt from Chapter 1

            This is an investment book, but not the kind you might be expecting, where I give stock tips, industry analysis, or real estate wisdom. There are already many books you can read for that advice. This is an investment book of the highest order, one where you will be putting your wherewithal on a sure thing, the only thing you have control of and the most important investment you can and ever will make. You will be investing in yourself and developing your wealth consciousness to make high quality life-energy choices.

Most people I know spend a great deal of time and energy learning about financial investing and money management. They listen to tapes, go to seminars and they invest a great deal of time efforting for their wealth. But in truth, all of this effort is usually in vein because deep down, most people believe their lives are limited by scarcity and fixed-pie agreements that go unquestioned. If we invest our money with "scarcity-agreements" at the foundation of our investment strategy, we are not making the highest and best use of our investment energy. We are much better served by investing in wealth consciousness first and learning how to invest our life energy effectively - then invest our money.

As you develop your wealth consciousness it is important to learn to see yourself as a powerful investor that invests your life energy. How and what you invest your life-energy in is how you create your life experience. Through our time together as you read this book, we are building the groundwork of your wealth consciousness and developing your skills as an investor. And this groundwork is the bedrock of a rich wealthy life portfolio.  Ultimately, you will have much better results - really!


  INVESTMENT TIP..Learn to see yourself
as a powerful investor that creates by directing
your attention, energy & focus.