About Us

What we know...

  • That prosperity is a choice. And as you are at the helm of your ship, you have a choice to attract and enjoy your natural prosperity. 
  • That a world filled with prosperous people, would feel empowered to create the the kind of world they would like to participate in.
  • That you are a magnificent creator capable of attracting all manner of abundance, from health, to wealth and everything in between! We wish to provide you resources that will help you realize your abundance dreams!

 What we would love…

  • To give you tools to tap into your wisdom, to grow it and share it, in a real and joyful way - letting your inner wisdom paint your outer reality. 
  • To help create heaven on earth. 
  • To teach that it is possible to create heaven on earth - not just ending poverty but also really creating world peace. Now that is exciting! Creating a whole new reality that is abundance, peace, joy, harmony, love, light, joy, beauty, and life.
  • To become known for giving people back to themselves.

What we provide…

  • Anything that will help you ignite, grow and use your prosperity creating power. Things like... CDs, podcasts, this interactive website, a group manifestation processes, daily emails to keep in touch, a network, books, journals, reminder cards, love notes, retreats, self-teaching tools and anything else that seems to work.
  • A wholistic, wealth creating program that helps you develop and grow your internal magic making power. These experiences reaffirm that you are at the helm of your ship, and that you as a creator have amazing capabilities to create all you can imagine. Moreover, the tools and processes you need are all inside of you! The wealth creation technologies are already inside of you to use.

How it will feel...

  • We hope people will call themselves magic makers. They will start seeing themselves as the authors and originators of reality and they will start to see the power they have to create – the power they have as creators. It will take a bit of work, but then people will start to get it and go for it.
  • So it is an organization of Magic Makers – the Harry Potters' of the next generation; helping to create a new world from their internal guidance and heart filled desires. It will be amazing to see and feel.

About our founder, Laurie LaMantia...

The Abundance Center has been a dream of mine for over 18 years. It started when I was at AT&T and saw so many talented people not fully appreciating themselves and utilizing their unique talents. It is also a culmination of my life's journey to valuing and appreciating myself. I hope your experiences at the Abundance Center inspire you to feeling and knowing your inner wealth and personal power that comes from your wonder as a soul here on earth. Much prosperity to you always!