Making Peace with Money Podcasts

Effortless Wealth - Exploring what wealth is and how it can be more effortless 




Overcoming Lack
- it is important to understand where lack consciousness is getting in your way

Developing Your Millionaire Mindset - a review and discussion of the book A Millionaire Mind 

Nothing is too Good to Be True, an interview with the author John Randolph Price.

Prosperity is all around you - A discussion of the nature of prosperity.

Attitudes of Gratitude - a view of how gratitude can shape your experience of wealth.

Developing your Money Muscles - a discussion into the mental muscles and ideas that make your able to invest in a focused, prosperous way.

Making Good Money Decisions - we will discuss the various ways we see money and how this affects our money decisions.

Money Is Love - is an exploration into the way we can imbue the energy of money and see it as love. A discussion with the author of the book - Money is Love.

Be Great With Money by learning to have a different relationship with money

The Prosperity of Community: How the grandmother project in India connects the wisdom of our elders and teaches true connection.

Video thumbnail: Cocreating & Collaborating
Co-creating and collaborating are powerful ways to exponentially grow wealth.

Walking Your Talk - Making what you say and what you do align with Amy Wagner

Interview with a Chief Prosperity Officer - Dr Sue 

Setting Prosperity Intentions - deciding the type of prosperity you desire is paramount in experiencing what you want...set powerful intentions for future results.

Interview with a Chief Prosperity Officer - Lori Gaspar owner of Prairie Yoga

Video thumbnail: Lottery Lessons
Lottery Lessons - Thoughts from playing the lottery




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Host Success Coach with Davida Shensky

 Hosted by Terry Palma & Beverly Thompson

Episode 13 - Special Guest Laurie LaMantia "Wealth Consciousness"