Already (part 1) - Already Whole, Already Holy

One of my favorite meditations starts out with the statement, “take a deep breath and relax … and know you are already whole, you are already holy”. The first time I heard this, I was a bit startled, already holy, already whole?! After a lifetime of veritable fixing what seems to be broken in me, the notion of ALREADY whole and already holy really touched me – and got me to thinking.

Already? Already - whole? Already - holy?

If you take a moment and contemplate the notion of Already, you know that it means completed, finalized, finished. It implies the thing you were thinking of doing is done. The desire to do something has been accomplished. For many of us on the prosperity path, we are looking to the future for the fulfilment of our prosperity desires and dreams. Prosperity is something to accomplish or grow into – but what if it is already here?

We have come to mistakenly believe we are not already enough, not already valuable, not already worthy…please insert your favorite negation here….but this is simply not true. And the crazy thing is if we keep believing we are not already - then we continue to create “not already”. Not already divine, not already prospering.

You are already that which you seek

It is hard to put into words the full magnificence of what it feels like to believe that you are already that which you seek. Words are not capable of capturing the expanded unlimitedness of the power and grace that which is already here in this moment. Already coursing through your life magically holding you and embracing your being - already and available in every way!

This is not something the human mind was built to conceive of – but the human body is a glorious sensing apparatus that can tune into the already perfection and the felt sense of this already-ness. Your human body is a tuning fork of alreadyness.

Your body is able to acknowledge the love already here (if we slow down), notice the beauty already here (if we become present), appreciate the grace and abundance already shared (if we tune-in), drink-in the bounty already flowing (if we can allow it), and bask in the grace already here - always every day, in every way.

As I was contemplating this idea of Already, I randomly (haha) found a book at a gift store titled “You Already Are” and the back cover just says:

further than you realize,
stronger than you believe,
and more incredible than you know!

How about that and the book is – already written!

There are many great nuggets inside this book, but one that stood out to me is:

You have a lifetime of practice seeing the beauty in everyone else.
You have a lifetime of practice noticing what is whole and wonderful and worthwhile.
What if, for this moment you turned your focus towards you?

What if you took a little time to let your eyes adjust to the brilliance that is you and yours?

WOW right?!

The black hole of seeking and fixing...

The thing about assuming we are not already whole is that we are on a constant gerbil wheel of seeking to "find a fix for it". Inside of trying to fix is the belief we we are not already whole and therefore, need to change something or do something - and if we don't then we cannot enjoy the moment of now. 

So, if you have a moment, get out your journal and write down all of the things you have been working on "improving about yourself" and are not yet being. Pick the thing in your mind about yourself that if it was only fixed, or different, or gone - THEN, THEN, THEN - you could be at peace and joyful.

Now ask yourself - what if i am already "that" ? What if I have been being too hard on myself?

Stop and Notice

What if ... you took a little time to let your eyes adjust to the brilliance that is you and yours - already? What if you stopped for a moment and noticed what is already true of you?

There are so many great reasons to turn off your mind and TUNE in to the experience of already. And allow yourself to feel the truth of already…you are already whole, already glorious, already magnificent, you are already amazing.

What if you - take a moment and journal about what you notice…it is powerful and illuminating. 

What I noticed was my stress level dropped and it then it felt like life on earth was more about fun instead of fixing…life feels like life is a playground of creating vs. a have-to-do-it-right box.

This is where the effortlessness of effortless wealth comes from, when you can see and feel the gloriousness of already - you relax, you agree and you enjoy the bounty of the moment and the next and the next.

What does ALREADY share with you?

Please take a moment to feel in and notice. Maybe even journal about what Already is sharing with you...

Let yourself bask in it already….please let yourself accept, please let yourself allow, please let yourself receive the bounty of already…

Namaste – the prosperity in me sees and knows the prosperity already in you, as you, being you.


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