Notice Wealth Easter Eggs

An Easter egg is a term used to describe a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game or movie. Taylor Swift loves to put Easter eggs in her music videos for her fans – as these are little gifts or nuggets that only a true fan would recognize – and it is great fun to hunt and find them.

Life is always dropping Easter eggs into our experience. Sometime they feel like a coincidence (why did my friend just call after I thought of her), sometimes a synchronicity (why was I inspired to open that book to that page) or a sign from the divine (why do I keep seeing repeating numbers like 1111 or 1212). Other times they are a reminder of our magic. In every case, we need to be on the look out for them, notice them, and acknowledge them. If you do - you will feel so special and wealthy.

An Example of an Easter Egg

As you might remember, my last blog post was titled LOVE IS IN THE AIR and as a part of that post I sent you to a link that had that wonderful song playing. I just love that song. Then a couple weeks later, I was at a Dr. Joe Dispenza week long advanced retreat and what do you think was the first song that they played while everyone was getting seated….LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

Easter Eggs From The Divine

I cannot tell you how moving this was to me – this little Easter-egg from the Divine; a message to me from my Wealth-Source that I would appreciate and notice. I know you could say this is just a coincidence or a random event – but I know better – it was a love easter egg and it made me feel so wealthy and loved. Truly it did.

As we create in life, life sends us little messages – easter eggs to let us know we are seen and heard and that our creation is on the way – it is manifesting. And the great thing is that we could never predict what will come. It is part of the Mystery of life – but when we see one we feel so lucky – I know I do! I feel like grace has just sprinkled fairy-dust on me. It is wonderful.

Let the Easter Eggs speak to you.

Easter eggs can be as simple as a bird shooshing past you and startling you into the present moment, to a check out line opening up just when you arrive, or a car wash just around the corner after you mention you want to wash your car. So many little messages and helpful tidbits, dropping in from the Great-Wealth-Source.

The key features of wealth easter eggs: they are unexpected and totally pertinent and relevant to you.

Notice Them - Make Note of Them

What I am asking you to do is to notice when easter eggs show up in your life. Be on the look out for them. I cannot say what or how or when they will show up – because it is so personal and unique to you - part of your unique adventure in this life. But one thing I KNOW FOR SURE – life is dropping easter eggs to you ALL THE TIME – really, all the time!

And it would be really cool if you noticed them – so you can feel how special and loved you are. The easter eggs remind you life loves you and has your back and that all is well. Again, let the eggs speak to you. The Easter Eggs of the Divine are nuggets of love for many great things come from the easter eggs of life.

You might even want to get an Easter Egg journal and write down the ways life is dropping little love nuggets to you – messages for you to feel excited about. To me, it feels like you have just won the dally lotto. And these mini-lottery wins (noticing your personal easter egg from the Wealth-Source) are pretty AWESOME.

So this week – be on the look out for wealth easter eggs…special messages, images, coincidences, signs and things sent to you, especially for you from DIVINE LOVE! 

Remember, prosperity is all around you always and in all ways - dropping Easter Eggs for you to notice and enjoy!

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