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The definition of Unconditional: without conditions or limited: absolute, unqualified
without strings attached (big one). Given freely without expectation, reciprocation, efforting, earning, demand, transaction, enforcement, hooks, cords, or ties, indebtedness, slavery, promise, control, shackles (yikes). Maintained no matter what happens.
Stop for a second and take that all in…
One day, I was meditating on unconditional love…and I had this idea – it is not the love part but the unconditional part you need to understand.  You need to consider what unconditional means Laurie. WOW – bam. So true!
My guess is that I am like you and have experienced conditional love and conditional gifts. I was listening to a friend tell me he did not like to get gifts because of the “strings attached”. He/me/we assume this because we have experienced first-hand things that were supposed to be given freely – but have conditions.  
Over the last couple of months, I have been pondering the concept and feeling of unconditional, and I have come to see a few things:

  1. That almost everything about my days felt conditional. Must get up to go to work, must meditate to be a better person, should call x, should y – and behind all of this is the transaction/condition of do it or else you will be sorry – FOMO – fear of missing out…
  2. There is an underlying fear of not doing “it” (whatever “it” is) right or being good enough and therefore not meeting the unconscious conditions I have come to agree to. This all feels like poverty consciousness to me. The fear of not-enoughtness (a.k.a not meeting the conditions) making much of my days very conditional and transactional.
  3. I think this is an ego thing - in an effort to keep us safe. We become drones of our own life. In an effort to make the most of life, we become taskmasters of the hardest order. The actions of life become conditions with respect to love, success, freedom – you name it. 
Our human experience conditions us to think conditionally: To be free you must earn it (by playing by the rules (a.k.a. conditions); To be loved, you must earn it. We are conditioned to look for the conditions – and this becomes how we habitually live life – with boxed in conditions we have come to agree as true.
And then the idea of unconditional pops into my consciousness. Unconditional – unqualified, without strings, offered freely, no reciprocation needed, maintained no matter what…WOW WOW WOW.
Our prosperity journey reminds us to rise above and beyond the conditionality of our earth experience and reconnect and remember our true essence that is unconditional, ever flowing, freely experiencing. This is wealth consciousness! The felt sense that the wealth, goodness and abundant prosperity, love, bliss, joy etc. of life is always ever-flowing – unconditionally!
What if we could give ourselves this free gift of unconditionality? Extract ourselves from the 3D earth experience of conditionality (and duality of right/wrong, good/bad, if-then-else, you/me) and put ourselves back in our true energetic soul-source-self of unconditionality. Return to our place of ask and it is given – unconditionally. Request and it is so - unconditionally. Knock and the door is opened – freely. Seek and you will find…no strings attached.
The generosity of life is ever flowing - unconditionally.
What if you tried marinating in the feeling of unconditionality? Play with the notion that unconditionality is not only possible – but it is the way we experience life when we are not on earth. And I believe it is what we are trying to bring into life more and more as we create heaven on earth. Heaven is unconditional. Our God-Self, is unconditional – unconditional love, unconditional grace, unconditional wealth, unconditional sharing, unconditional generosity, unconditional abundance, unconditional flow.
If you do the deep dive into unconditional – you will discover so much about yourself and about what is possible for you. If you entertain the idea of unconditional – you will see so much possibility, generosity, and unlimitedness (to name a few) in life, with life and about life – it will make your heart swell and your essence expand.
So today – sit for a few minutes – in that feeling of unconditional, unconditional transaction-free, unqualified love, joy, grace, acceptance and wealth. Breathe it in. Allow it to flow into and through you. Accept it - unconditionally.
True Wealth is unconditional – and flowing and available always and in all ways - unconditionally.

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