Are you on Wealth Lockdown?

It is the middle of winter here in the Midwest. And it is right about this time you really feel how you can have yourself on lockdown, a.k.a. just hunkered in and going through the motions; being responsible and almost holding your breath until spring.  Moreover, a wealth lock-down feels like I am not giving myself permission to enjoy the day – just go to work and get it done. No fun, no creativity, no playfulness. Just git-it-done. It is in these times that I realize that my mind has me seriously constricted. I feel tight, I act tight, I am basically depressed. 

I think you all know what I speak of, that feeling of being boxed in. And this is the exact opposite of our wealth. Because wealth is about flow…not boxed – nor constricted in any way.

This is not a judgment (that we should be more mindful not to get in lockdown) – please try not to do that to yourself – this is about AWARENESS. I bring this up, so we can start to check in and notice how we are feeling and be conscious of our consciousness (as we discussed in the last blog post).

Awareness is hard because we are in such a habit – a going-through-the-motions-mode - that seeing or noting what we are doing and feeling is so unconscious. It is how we are and what we do routinely. Awareness is the first “A” in the Easy-Does-It process discussed in the effortless wealth book, and it is sometimes one of the hardest steps. Why?

  1. Awareness takes some intention. And if we are running around busy and distracted, we are hard-pressed to notice what is going on inside. We are not all that available to become aware. And it feels like one more “thing” we have to do.
  2. So we can make “awareness” a drag because it feels like a to-do and then something to “fix” if what we do not like what we become aware of.

When I realized I had myself on wealth lock-down – I felt an instantaneous pop of relief. Just noticing that you are in lock down might be enough to release the built-up tension and resistance.

In Effortless Wealth, we discuss becoming aware of how you feel about wealth and money. We discuss and journal about becoming aware of your current wealth perspective. Because as we are discussing, awareness (becoming conscious) of what you have been thinking and feeling is so eye-opening and instructive to make room for the Wealth you desire. Moreover, if you have yourself in wealth-lockdown, you can take some breaths and let the natural wealth of breath flow through you.

Thank you for being here, and taking this moment for yourself. Thank yourself for reading this, and realize wealth is flowing to you now. Breath in and breath out! Let your breath be the key that unlocks the flow. Let a few deep breaths release you from your Wealth Lock Down in this moment. Then remember prosperity is flowing to you always and in all ways.

Awareness is the grace of your inner wisdom giving you internal hints to your thinking and feeling.

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